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Warframe - Gauss


gotta go fast Special thanks to BOOLBOOL11, KETAN2001 and art1896523 for helping me the last scene. Kinzer001 for helping level and Beppi for the volt scene. Discord: 🤍 After 2 years, monetization is finally allowed for this account lmao. Original Inspiration came from trymike4instance. Music: 🤍 The build above still isn't the maximized version yet. In order to go for light speed u need those, GAUSS: Sprint Boost, Rush, Armored Agility, Coaction Drift, Speed Drift, Fleeting Expertise, Streamline, Primed Continuity, Narrow Minded. Arcane: Arcane Phantasm x2 Any primary: Amalgam Serration Melee: Kogake Prime (Dispatch Overdrive) Teammates(3 depends on how many teammates u has, viable up to 7 for captura): Growing Power x3 or Sprint Boost x3 + Coaction Drift x3. Octavia, Wisp, Zephyr(Turbulence), Volt all of them must either max str or exchange for coaction drift and the auras, duration needed also for long run. Using kogake prime deflect triggers arcane phantasm which boost speed. Field of View affects how your screen warp when you mach rush iirc.

Measuring the World Gauss


Measuring the World Gauss

Gauss vs Gauss (same build)


wait for it....... thanks for Get.Schwifty Music: Shanti Dope - Amatz (🤍

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A (very) Brief History of Carl Friedrich Gauss


In this episode of "A (very) Brief History of...", we cover Carl Friedrich Gauss. He was one of the most influential mathematicians to come out of the 19th century, being the first to give a proper proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. As per usual, this video isn't very math heavy, largely just focusing on his life. Hope you enjoy! Note (2020-07-06): The photo of Gauss as a child is actually Ludwig van Beethoven as a child, circa 1783. DISCORD ►► 🤍 PATREON ►► 🤍

REDLINE GAUSS | Warframe 2022 Build Refresh


Elden Ring complete! Play Warframe! 🤍 Twitch 🤍 Patreon 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Steam Group 🤍 Discord 🤍 Humble Partner Link! 🤍 Stream Archives 🤍 00:00 Build & Sim 08:33 Steel Path Run

Gauss Niño Prodigio



Reason for Math: Gauss's Addition


This chapter from the DVD Reason For Math: Volume 1 depicts how, as a young student, Carl Frederich Gauss was able to find an instant solution to what was intended to be long, boring classwork. By examining how he was able to see the task from a novel perspective, we can begin to appreciate how true mathematical thinking isn't wrote number crunching, but the ability to creatively manipulate patterns in quantities.

Gauss ve Öğretmeni - Gauss Toplamı


Gauss ve Öğretmeni - Gauss Toplamı Matematikçi olmak kolay değildir. (Bu video "Die Vermessung der Welt (2012)" filminden alınmıştır)

Sistemas de Ecuaciones 3x3 SCD - Método de Gauss


Los sistemas de ecuaciones 3x3 son sistemas que tienen 3 ecuaciones y 3 incógnitas. Estos sistemas se pueden resolver mediante varios métodos. En este vídeo vamos a aprender a resolver un sistema 3x3. Nuestro objetivo va a ser conseguir, aplicando el método de reducción varias veces, un sistema escalonado. De esta manera ya podremos resolver el sistema aplicando sustituciones sucesivas. El sistema que resolvemos en el vídeo tiene 3 soluciones y 3 incógnitas (una solución por incógnita). A este tipo de sistemas se les denomina Sistemas Compatibles Determinados (S.C.D). Recordar el método de reducción y saber resolver sistemas escalonados es necesario para poder resolver estos sistemas. Estos enlaces te pueden ayudar: - Método de reducción: 🤍 - Sistemas 3x3 escalonados: 🤍 Si te ha gustado el vídeo o te ha resultado útil, dale a me gusta y compártelo en las redes sociales. Te animo a suscribirte a mi canal para estar al tanto de nuevos vídeos. - CLASES ONLINE CON SUSI - Si tienes alguna duda concreta o quieres que sea tu profesora particular puedes solicitarme Clases Online en este enlace: 🤍 Sígueme en: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Web Susi Profe: 🤍 - Short Guitar Clip de Audionautix está sujeta a una licencia de Creative Commons Attribution (🤍 Artista: 🤍

[WARFRAME] God Mode GAUSS | Build & Guide | Steel Path - Hard Mode Disruption | MILLIONS OF DAMAGE!


[WARFRAME] God Mode GAUSS | Build & Guide | Steel Path - Hard Mode Disruption | MILLIONS OF DAMAGE! What's good folks?! I'm here with a DEADLY Gauss build, with NO HELMINTH. Enjoy! Merch! - 🤍 Twitch - 🤍 Patreon - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 GLYPH - 🤍 ✰EIDOLON Hunting Guides 🤍 ✰WARFRAME BUILDS 🤍 ✰WARFRAME IMMORTAL BUILDS 🤍 ✰WARFRAME VIDS 🤍 ✰WARFRAME GUIDES 🤍 Play Warframe 🤍 x-x-x-x-x-x-x- MUSIC -x-x-x-x-x-x-x ✰01 White Bat Audio - Elysium 🤍 ✰02 White Bat Audio - Law Abiding Citizent 🤍 #warframe #gauss #2021 Recording Software: NVIDIA Share [Shadowplay] Editing: Premiere Pro CC 2019 Thumbnail: Photoshop CC 2018

Electric Flux, Gauss's Law & Electric Fields, Through a Cube, Sphere, & Disk, Physics Problems


This physics video tutorial explains the relationship between electric flux and gauss's law. It shows you how to calculate the electric flux through a surface such as a disk or a square and how to calculate it using a sphere and a cube. Electric flux is the product between the perpendicular component of the electric field relative to the surface and the area of that surface. This video discusses the difference between the angles phi and theta and the terms inward electric flux vs outward electric flux. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems. My E-Book: 🤍 Video Playlists: 🤍 Homework Help: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Support & Donations: 🤍 Youtube Membership: 🤍 Disclaimer: Some of the links associated with this video may generate affiliate commissions on my behalf. As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases that you may make through such affiliate links.

Mech Arena | Weapon Spotlight | Sniper Weapons


The Sniper Weapons of Mech Arena currently include the Longarm, the Gauss Rifle, and the Railgun - although it’s safe to say the roster will grow over time. A well-placed shot with one of these beauties can turn the tide, and unlike Beam Weapons that require you to stay in the line of fire, Sniper Weapons deal enormous instantaneous damage, which lets you get straight back behind cover. So, if you’re a fan of playing strategically and want to learn how to make every shot count, take a look at our new Weapon Spotlight. Play Mech Arena for free: Play on Android → 🤍 Play on iOS → 🤍 Play on PC → 🤍 Join our Facebook Community → ​🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:50 Longarm 3:29 Gauss Rifle 4:50 Railgun #MechArena​

Warframe | The Almost Invincible GAUSS


Protective Dash may have become Protective Sling. But Guardian Shell and Break are no joke in Focus 3.0. Now you can make an almost invincible Gauss, Even without Protective Sling, without wasting slots. NEW Gun CO Spreadsheet: 🤍 I'm on Twitch too now! See me live at: 🤍 0:00 Intro & Purpose 0:49 Angels Update and Focus 3.0 1:12 Guardian Shell 1:58 Guardian Break & Shield Gating 3:07 Gauss 3:44 Triggering Guardian Break Reliably 4:34 Arcane Aegis + Guardian Break 5:15 Loadout Flexibility 5:45 Rotation mechanics? 6:16 Gauss Build Ideas 7:15 Weapon DPS and Support 7:34 Summary & Many More Builds *Hit that Like button and Subscribe to stay on top of daily, or almost daily uploads on new builds for normal and eidolon play, meme runs, and just everything Warframe!* World's First: VOID FLOOD L9999 🤍 AEOLAK: Ironically Decent. 🤍 PRAEDOS: It's Actually Good. 🤍 #AngelsOfTheZariman #GaussWarframe #GaussBuilds LAETUM: Best Evolutions and Builds 🤍 PHENMOR: Best Evolutions and Builds 🤍 DE, This Is A Disappointment... 🤍 An ACTUAL Gyre Build Guide 🤍 ARCHWING vs L9999! 🤍 Last Hurrah DUO 6x3 EIDOLONS | VOID STRIKE 1.0 🤍 FOCUS 3.0: GENERAL NEED TO KNOW! 🤍 Focus 3.0 is a wild ride. This is the first installation in a series of build concepts taking a closer look at my theory crafting in my original Focus 3.0 overview video, linked here: 🤍 This video builds upon the tools we have with Protective Dash, now Sling, with the flexibility of Gauss' kit, and combining it with the re-vamped Guardian Shell and Guardian Break to have infinite shield gate. The best part about the setup is how it doesn't use any mod slots and thus leaves your Gauss builds open to your imagination for whatever you want. All we need is an Arcane Slot, and the Vazarin Focus School, which you ironically would already bring for an endurance run. This setup works better the tankier enemies are, because it relies on enemies hitting you to reach its max potential. This makes it hard for its mechanics to shine on base steel path, because enemies fold like paper. But because it doesn't detract from your build or loadout, it still can work. Where it shines best is at level cap, where it takes several seconds to kill an enemy, and thus sustain a constant onslaught of enemy fire. This lets you chain Arcane Aegis procs with Guardian Break, fueling an infinite cycle of shield regen spam where the shield regen delay is shorter than the partial shield gate period (0.33s) Why does this work? Because Guardian Break cuts delay down to 0.4s, and Gauss is the only frame in the entire game, no mod does this either, that can reduce Shield Regen delay through his passive. It scales with his battery, but as long as there is any battery level at all, even 1%, you will have enough shield regen delay buffs to put it under 0.33s, and thus your shield starts recharging faster than the period of partial shield gate when Guardian Break procs. Then you extend the quasi-invincibility with Aegis proccing so you can set up Guardian Shell again. Combining this with normal shield gating, protective sling, and rolling guard to get rid of pesky status procs, there really are endless ways to keep this Gauss alive. Build ideas and concepts included! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 🤍 I now also stream on Twitch! While the main game will probably be Warframe, I am planning on keeping my Twitch on variety, so that I can enjoy other games there. My Youtube will remain focused on Warframe for now. 🤍 A useful warframe clock overlay hunters use to keep track of time left in/until night. This is featured in the bottom left corner of all my runs. It also tracks other useful info like arbi and kuva node rotations. 🤍 Come join us at the AfterParty! This is our community safe place to hang out and chill. Whether it be Warframe, Genshin, Back 4 Blood, Honkai, etc. we've got something for everyone. 🤍 A useful tool made by kouks, a fellow well-respected hunter in the community. Here you will find the propa mini-game to practice and improve your timing, as well as the run analyzer.

Η τιμωρία του Gauss - Η ζωή και το έργο του πρίγκιπα των μαθηματικών


Βρισκόμαστε στη Γερμανία, στα τέλη του 1700, όταν σε μία αίθουσα Δημοτικού με περισσότερους από 50 μαθητές, ο δάσκαλος προκειμένου να διαχειριστεί την κατάσταση, η οποία είχε ξεφύγει τελείως, βάζει στους μαθητές του την εξής τιμωρία: θέλω λέει να υπολογίσετε πόσο κάνει το άθροισμα όλων των αριθμών από το 1 μέχρι και το 100. Στη συνέχεια έκατσε στην έδρα του όντας σίγουρος πως για τουλάχιστον μία ώρα θα έβρισκε την ησυχία του. Όμως σε λιγότερο από 5 λεπτά ένα χέρι σηκώθηκε δηλώνοντας πως το πρόβλημα λύθηκε... Πάμε να γνωρίσουμε τον πρίγκιπα των Μαθηματικών Carl Friedrich Gauss! Διαβάστε το άρθρο εδώ: 🤍 Στήριξε το κανάλι, γίνε Patreon: 🤍

How to Gauss


How to Gauss. Warframe Gauss is a beast with a decent Build and one of the best most fun frames out there. PATREON: 🤍 MERCH: 🤍 TWITCH: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: Cephalon_Jizo TWITTER: 🤍

My new app with Bram Bos: GAUSS Field Looper


In which I present to you the creative looping iOS app GAUSS I made together with the amazing Bram Bos. Inspired by tape and Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus, it puts everything I learned on tape loops and an how to make them dance in your pocket. If you have an iPhone or iPad that is. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: 🤍 CHANNEL MEMBERSHIP: 🤍 MY MUSIC: 🤍 FASHION: 🤍 CONNECT: 🤍 MY SIGNATURE SOFTWARE: GONG AMP 🤍 WIRES 🤍 MORPHING ROTOR 🤍 TEST EQUIPMENT LIBRARY 🤍 LOOPER 🤍 BUY THE GEAR I USE (EU): 🤍 BUY THE GEAR I USE (US): 🤍 (affiliate links, I get a few % if you buy through them)

ArcFlash Labs' GR-1 Anvil Portable Gauss Rifle


🤍 🤍 Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! 🤍 The GR-1 "Anvil" is a portable, shoulder-fired gauss rifle made by Arcflash Labs. Yeah, it's pretty awesome to be living in the future where we actually have real gauss rifles, isn't it? First, some terminology. This is accurately identified as a gauss rifle, coil gun, or linear accelerator (although gauss "rifle" is a bit misleading, as it is a smoothbore launcher). It functions by using a series of coils energized to produce electromagnetic fields and pull a ferrous projectile down a barrel. Each coil accelerates the projectile faster, controlled by a series of optical gates that shut off a coil as the projectile passes beyond it. The GR-1 uses 8 coils, which use between 4000 and 16000 amps of electricity from 8 high voltage capacitors. These coils are able to accelerate a 1/2" in diameter steel dowel pin up to about 75 m/s (240 fps). The most novel technology in the GR-1 is the hardware which allows the standard lithium-ion battery (25V) to fully charge this bank of capacitors in approximately 3 seconds. Fundamentally, the GR-1 is an alpha sort of prototype. It is the equivalent to the first Wright Flyer - a technology demonstrator and a way to gain experience and expertise in building coil guns. As capacitor technology continues to improve, we will see coil gun capability improve from the level of airguns to that of handguns and eventually true rifles and beyond. Arcflash is leading the way in this technology, and I am grateful that they were willing to loan me one of their first batch of production guns for this filming! Legal details: The GR-1, and coil guns in general, are not federally regulated as firearms. Under the law, "firearms" are specifically defined as propelling a projectile by combustion, and coil guns do not do this. Arcflash treats their coil guns as airguns out of an abundance of legal caution, and as a result there are several places where the GR-1 is not shipped because of state or local regulation on muzzle energy of airguns. Contact: Forgotten Weapons 6281 N. Oracle 36270 Tucson, AZ 85740

Normale verdeling Gauss curve klokkromme


Normale verdeling Gauss curve klokkromme Lean Six Sigma

Gauss Helminth Volt Speed


¿Era GAUSS tan bueno como dicen? | El Príncipe de los Matemáticos


Todo el mundo dice que Karl Friedrich Gauss, ha sido uno de los mejores matemáticos de la historia, incluso es conocido como el Príncipe de los Matemáticos, pero… ¿era para tanto?, ¿de verdad Gauss era tan bueno como dicen?, ¿sus aportaciones fueron tan importantes? ¡Vamos a verlo! ¡Suscríbete al canal! Sigue a Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón: En Twitter: 🤍 En Instagram: 🤍 En Facebook: 🤍facebook.com/DerivandoYouTube

Electric Flux and Gauss’s Law | Electronics Basics #6


For more visit my website: 🤍 In this tutorial we will learn about Electric Flux and Gauss's Law. Visit HowToMechatronics.com for more Tutorials, Tips, Projects and How It Works videos: ► 🤍 Like my page on Facebook: ► 🤍 Add me on Google+: ►🤍 Music: MÆSON - The Catch (🤍

Warframe - Official "Gauss" Character Reveal Trailer


Never stop moving as Gauss, the kinetic Warframe. Charging his Abilities with every step, he's streamlined for speed. Coming soon to PC with the Saint of Altra Update!

What Breaks KHEPRIS Faster? HORNET Vs GAUSS War Robots Mk3 Gameplay WR


War Robots Mk3 Gameplay: Hornet Vs Gauss: What Breaks KHEPRIS faster in WR? Unloading the HORNET does more damage than unloading GAUSS. But the reload on Guass is much faster than the one of HORNET to the point where I think: With 200m less range, Hornet really needs to get a bit less of a reload. 3 Seconds less would make it much more useful. And it's a "Legendary Weapon", so it should be all the way up there, right? You like the Music I use? Join EpidemicSound with 1 month for free with my referal link here: 🤍 It can be used on YouTube Channels, Social Media, etc. Join this channel to get access to special perks & rewards like: Extra Coop Live-Streams or Join my WR Clan or Early Video Access, too Emojis & Badges, etc: 🤍 🡒Join our WR Discord Community Server - a huge War Robots Server - here and easily find people to play and talk with: 🤍 🡒My 2nd Gaming Channel: 🤍 🡒Become a Patron of my Work & Get Early Video Access & More: 🤍 🡒OR Support me with a Donation if you like: 🤍 Video Playlists: 🡒My Best-Of-War Robots Playlist: 🤍 🡒All War Robots Test Server Videos: 🤍 Related Links: 🡒Our Twitch Channel for Live-Streaming: 🤍 🡒Our Facebook Community Page: 🤍 🡒Our Twitter: 🤍 Music Credits: 🡒Music: Production courtesy of Epidemic Sound: 🤍 🡒Music from Frequency & Soundcloud: Arc North & Polarbearz - Together Now, Skylike - Collide, Voost - Let You Go, SunnYz - Victory, Daniel Rosty & Sash_S - See The Stars, Miza - Remember, Fluex - Wings To Fly, Rolipso - Jumble, Miza & Unicorn - Illuminati, ASVR - Nightmare, MindlessFate - Fire Rainbow, Miza ft. Robby Knight - Believe, Hize - Sweetheart, FyMex - Skyfall 🡒Music from NoCopyrightSounds - NCS: Alan Walker, DEAF KEV, Different Heaven, EH!DE, Disfigure, Tob & Itro, Jim Yosef, Laszlo, Lensko, Tobu, Warptech, Waysons, Elektronomia, Distrion & Alex Skrindo, Warriyo, Elektronomia & JJD, TheFatRat, DJ Assass1n, Desmeon - Back From The Dead, 🡒Music From Amadeus 🤍 🤍Audiograp.com: Legend, Unstoppable, Maximum Potential, Superior, Imaginary, Euphoria, 🡒Music From Vexento 🤍 🤍Soundcloud.com: Spark, Devotion, Fireworks, Lonely Dance, Home, Happyness, Melody, Dream Catcher, Trippy Love, Masked Heroes,

Waframe Gauss . The Ultimate Cyborg


Waframe Gauss . The Ultimate Cyborg Discord : 🤍 " Background By " Brain Imain - 🤍 _ Outro : Neffex Destiny 🤍 _ Thank you guys for watching ... Next time :D

Zephyr with Gauss Rifle 10 - Mech Arena


Mech Arena Zephyr with Gauss Rifle 10 - Mech Arena DISCLAIMER :- This video is made in test build. It is provided by developers to Official Mech Arena Content Creator Program Channels only. All Weapons & Mechs Price/ Upgrade Cost👉 🤍 Mech Arena - Tournaments: 🤍 Play Mech Arena for free: Android Download 🤍 iOS Download 🤍 This is Official Mech Arena Global Partner Program Channel. 10,000 A-Coins Giveaway Every Month. Your 1 LIKE and 1 SUBSCRIBE is Very Important for us. 👍Like Facebook Page 🤍 👥Join Facebook Group Omniverse 🤍 🤩Mech Arena Merchandise 🤍 🌐Join Discord Server 🤍 My FACEBOOK 🆔️ 🤍 My mech arena's friend list is full. I am not able to accept the request of anyone. You can send a request to my facebook id and text me 'Mech Arena' and I will accept your request. If your mech arena id is linked to facebook, then you will be automatically added to my mech arena friend list. Thank you, #MechArena #Zephyr #GaussRifle #メカアリーナ #мехарена #메크아레나 #OmniverseMechArena #MechArenaRobotShowdown #MechArenaGameplay #MechArenaVideos #MechArenaHighlights #MechArenaTipsAndTricks #MechArenaLive

Gauss-Markov assumptions part 1


This video details the first half of the Gauss-Markov assumptions, which are necessary for OLS estimators to be BLUE. i, in this video I am going to be talking about the Gauss-Markov assumptions in econometrics, and what their significance is. So, the Gauss-Markov assumptions are a set of criteria which were first created by the mathematicians Carl-Friedrich Gauss, and Andrei Markov, which if they are upheld, then that says something about our ability to use Least-Squared estimators on the sample data. Well, it says that those Least-squares estimators are in fact BLUE. But, what does it mean for an estimator to be BLUE? Well, it means that there are no other linear unbiased estimators which have a lower sampling variance than that particular estimator. So, I can illustrate this graphically, imagine I have a sampling distribution of one estimator which looks like that. And then I have another one which has the same sort of centre as the first one, except that it is slightly steeper towards the centre of the distribution. So, assuming that both of these are unbiased, so they are both centered around the true population parameter, we can see that the second estimator has a lower sampling variance that the first. Well, that means that, more often than not when I use my Least-squared estimators - when I apply my Least-squared estimators to the sample data, they are going to more often than not provide estimates of the true population parameter 'beta p', which are closer to 'beta p' than I would have got by using the first type of estimator. So, that's the significance in econometrics of the Gauss-Markov assumptions. But, what are the Gauss-Markov assumptions? There's no particular order to the Gauss-Markov assumptions, but I am going to label them here so that means that I can refer to them in the future. The first Gauss-Markov assumption has to do with the population process, so assuming that there is some population process which connects wages with the number of years of education, although education doesn't exactly determine wages, because there's some sort of error term here. This is an example of a model which is linear in parameters, so that means that it's linear in alpha and beta. So this is the first Gauss-Markov assumption which says that our population process has to be linear in parameters. Note that if I had this type of model where I had wages equal to alpha times beta times the number of years of education plus alpha...well just alpha on its own - this would be nonlinear in parameters because this implies some sort of multiplicative effect between alpha and beta. Or if I had beta-squared here, that would also be nonlinear in parameters. Note that however that being linear in parameters does not mean that I cannot have a variable in our model which is nonlinear. So, actually just having education squared in our model, rather than just education, that is absolutely fine under the assumption of 'linearity in parameters'. It just means that I am not allowed to have a model which has nonlinear parameters within it. So, that's the first Gauss-Markov condition - the second condition is that we have a set of sample data - x and y which are a random sample from the population. So what does that actually mean? Well, it means that within our population, a random sample occurs if each individual within our population is equally likely to be picked, when I take the sample. That's what we mean by a random sample. But, it also implicitly means that not only are each person in the population equally likely to be picked, but it means that all of our points come from the same population. So they come from the same population process which in this context might be wages being equal to alpha plus beta times education. plus some error. The third condition is perhaps the most important of the Gauss-Markov conditions, which is the zero conditional mean of errors. So what does this actually mean? Well mathematically it means that the expectation of our error term in our population given our x term, which in this case is education has got to be equal to zero. Well, what does this mean practically? Well it means that if I know someone's level of education that does not help me to predict whether they will be above or below the average population regression line. So that's what it means for there to be a zero conditional mean of error. And this is perhaps the most important of the Gauss-Markov assumptions, for reasons which we'll come onto later. So, that concludes our first video looking into the Gauss-Markov assumptions. I'm going to, in the next video, explain the next three Gauss-Markov assumptions. Check out 🤍 for course materials, and information regarding updates on each of the courses.

Warframe: How to play Gauss (2020)


Hope you guys enjoy this video where I show you how to play gauss :D ● My website: 🤍 (Work in progress) ● Become a channel member: 🤍 ● iFlynn Merchandise: 🤍 ● My SnapChat - 🤍 ● My Twitter - 🤍 ● My Twitch - 🤍 ● My Google+ - 🤍 ● My Discord - 🤍 ● My Instagram - 🤍 ● My Facebook - 🤍

How To Farm Gauss In Warframe | Warframe Hunters


Thought I would make a little updated Gauss farming video since in my original video he was farmed somewhere else. The weapons for gauss are found on ur uranus while Gauss himself is farmed on senda kappa as a C drop rotation. So farm the second wave without fails and keep going until you get all the parts. Hope it all goes well! Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Tip here: 🤍 Remember to subscribe! 🤍 Become a channel member! 🤍 🤍 Discord 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Twitch 🤍 TikTok 🤍 BGM: 🤍 Support The Channel Using Affiliate Links Epic Games Store Creator Code: PUPSKER Tubebuddy Youtube Creator Tool: 🤍 Amazon Links: * My Amazon Page: 🤍 * My Microphone: 🤍 * My Keyboard: 🤍 Disclaimer: Pupsker is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an affiliate advertising program designed to help sites and creators earn income by linking to 🤍amazon.com In connection with Epic Games’ Support-A-Creator Program, I may receive a commission from certain in-game purchases. #Warframe #Gauss #HowTo

Carl GAUSS 👨‍🎓


The life and work of one of the greatest mathematicians the world has known: Carl Gauss. My science and music channel: 🤍

Electric Charges and Fields 13 | Gauss Law : All Concept and Numericals JEE MAINS/NEET II


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Solución de un sistema de 3x3 método de Gauss | Ejemplo 1


Explicación de la forma de resolver o solucionar un sistema de 3 ecuaciones con 3 incógnitas 3x3 por el método de Gauss, dentro del curso de Matrices. Curso completo de Matrices: 🤍 _ Si quieres ayudarme para que el canal siga creciendo puedes: - Suscribirte: 🤍 - Contribuir al canal con una donación: paypal.me/profeAlex - Hacerte miembro del canal: 🤍 _ Descarga mi app MathAlex: 🤍 Visita mi página web: 🤍matematicasprofealex.com Sígueme en mis redes sociales: - Facebook: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 Contacto Únicamente negocios, prensa: manager.profealex🤍gmail.com 0:00 Saludo 0:17 Conceptos que debes saber 0:46 Solución del ejemplo 16:09 Comprobación 18:57 Ejercicio de práctica

Documental | GAUSS y el Magnetismo


Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss nació en el ducado de Brunswick, Alemania, el 30 de abril de 1777, en una familia campesina muy pobre: su abuelo era un humilde jardinero y repartidor. Su padre nunca pudo superar la espantosa miseria con la que siempre convivió. De pequeño Gauss fue respetuoso y obediente, y ya en su edad adulta nunca criticó a su padre, quien murió poco después de que Gauss cumpliera 30 años, por su rudeza y violencia para con él. Desde muy pequeño, Gauss mostró su talento para los números y para el lenguaje. Aprendió a leer solo y, sin que nadie lo ayudara, aprendió muy rápido la aritmética elemental desde muy pequeño. En 1784, a los siete años de edad, ingresó a una de las escuelas de primeras letras de Brunswick donde daba clases un maestro rural llamado Büttner, quien corrigió rápidamente su lectura, le enseñó gramática, ortografía y caligrafía y perfeccionó su talento matemático y lo animó a continuar el bachillerato, como consta en su carta para que lo aceptaran en el Lyceum; pero allí se usaban unos métodos severos y una estricta disciplina, lo que desagradaba a alguien tan sensible. Se cuenta la anécdota de que, a los dos años de estar en la escuela, durante la clase de Aritmética, el maestro propuso el problema de sumar los números de una progresión aritmética.1 Gauss halló la respuesta correcta casi inmediatamente diciendo «Ligget se'» ('ya está'). Al acabar la hora se comprobaron las soluciones y se vio que la solución de Gauss era correcta, mientras que no lo eran muchas de las de sus compañeros.

Sistema de ecuaciones 2x3 método Gauss Jordan


Resolveremos un sistema de ecuaciones lineales de dos ecuaciones con tres incógnitas (2x3 – sistema rectangular – matriz rectangular) por el método de Gauss Jordan. Para más videos del tema #sistemadeecuaciones 👉PULSA AQUÍ: 🤍 Gracias por visitar el canal, espero que el contenido te haya sido de utilidad, si quieres apoyarme a CRECER no dudes en SUSCRÍBETE, dale pulgar arriba 👍, déjanos tus COMENTARIOS y COMPÁRTELO con tus amigos. Desde ya MUCHAS GRACIAS por el apoyo. _ REDES SOCIALES: Instagram → 🤍 Facebook → 🤍 Telegram → 🤍 TikTok → 🤍 _ ⏰ MARCAS DE TIEMPO: 00:00 Introducción 00:14 Matriz ampliada de coeficientes 00:50 Método de Gauss-Jordan 03:54 Eliminación Gaussiana 07:48 Cálculo de incógnitas 10:09 Conclusión de resultados _ Nomenclaturas utilizadas en conclusión de resultados en discusión de Sistemas de Ecuaciones: Solución Única = Consistente determinado = Compatible determinado Infinitas soluciones = Consistente indeterminado = Compatible indeterminado Falacia = Inconsistente = Incompatible #algebralineal

How does a Gauss rifle work?


This video explains how a Gauss rifle made from neodymium magnets works and shows one being fired in super-slow-motion! Find out how you can make your own Gauss rifle here - 🤍 For more information visit 🤍 To connect with us, you can find us here: Google+ - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 LinkedIn - 🤍 Pinterest - 🤍

Gauss Field Looper (Bram Bos & Hainbach) (iOS) - Full Walkthrough - Beautiful Tape Looping AUv3.


Gauss, a collaboration between Hainbach and Bram Bos, is without question one of my favourite iOS app releases of the year so far. Over the past month on beta with this I have come to know and love it. It takes inspiration from Hainbach’s work with Tape Loops but - by integrating a Subharmonicon-style sequencer - allows you to add rhythmic elements to loops, including complex polyrhythms if you so desire. Furthermore, these rhythmic elements can be repitched! Not only that, you can apply envelopes to them if desired. The ‘tape’ can be slowed, sped up and reversed. A modulatable filter, delay and an optional ‘1989’ lofi vibe are other things it brings to the table. A world of interesting sound experiments await. Gauss is simple to understand once you get it, but some things can be tricky to grasp at first, so I strongly encourage you to watch this in full, this video will teach you all you need to know. I also think that, musically, this episode contains some of my most interesting work to date. I really got a lot of inspiration from this wonderful tool. Enjoy! Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 02:45 Audio examples 06:19 Main walkthrough 19:16 Example Workflow 1 - playing with pitched sequences 24:06 Example workflow 2 - the sequencer clarified 30:00 Outro, final thoughts & recording drums From the App Store: 🤍 Co-designed with Berlin-based electronic musician Hainbach, Gauss brings the oldschool tape-looping art form to mobile devices. This creative field looper works both standalone and as an Audio Unit effect plugin and puts the possibilities of using looped tapes in your hands. Without the need for scissors. Like real tape loops Gauss takes you off the grid of your DAW: you can adjust tape speed and direction, even during recording. The flow of your loops will drift organically as the tape follows its own cyclical timeline. Use overdub, or even multiple instances of the Audio Unit plugin, to create multi-layered ever changing sonic palettes. We want this app to be a celebration of digital audio technology, so when audio quality is degraded it will do so in a pleasingly crunchy digital way. For example, recording on low tape speeds will give you longer recording time, but at the cost (or pleasure) of a distinctively lower recording quality. So Gauss mimics the behaviour – not the sound – of magnetic tape. Set the length of the tape, record and overdub your audio, play around with tape speeds; Gauss captures the essence of two ends of tape stuck together in all its unsynchronised, free-running glory. There’s even a unique built-in 4-step polyrhythmic sequencer for sequencing tape-speed changes. Features in a nutshell: - designed as a standalone field recorder and an Audio Unit effect plugin (AUv3) in one package universal app: plugin and standalone work on all iDevices, iOS11 and higher - variable tape speed; seamlessly change direction and speed during playback or recording - 4-step sequencer lets you trigger (polyrhythmic) tape-speed changes in sync with your host tempo - variable inertia for the tape drive motors (from instant to very slow speed changes) - built-in multi-mode filter with LFO modulation - delay effect with optional host-sync mode - “1989” mode uses a special 8 bit/11KHz tape head for a last-century vintage digital sound - 45 seconds maximum loop size at 1x speed, proportionally longer at lower speeds (.e.g 90 seconds at half speed, etc.) - overdub at any speed or tape direction - plugin supports global cross-host preset handling (requires iOS13+, compatible AUv3 host)

ArcFlash Labs EMG-02 CoilGun: Making SciFi Weapons Into Reality


🤍 🤍 🤍 Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! 🤍 ArcFlash Labs has come out with a new coil gun design that takes the best elements of their underpowered EMG-01 and their overly bulky GR-1 Anvil and melded them into a much handier EMG-02. This new design maintains the same muzzle velocity as the Anvil (200-250 fps / 60-75 m/s) but uses smaller projectiles (5/16" armatures). It is far better handling, with the balance much improved by having a single large capacitor mounted at the rear and a battery directly under the grip. That battery is also now a commercial off-the-shelf rechargeable lithium-ion type. It's quite a lot of fun to shoot, and I am excited to see where this technology continues to develop! Contact: Forgotten Weapons 6281 N. Oracle 36270 Tucson, AZ 85740

Warframe - Complete Gauss Guide | BUILDS/HOW TO PLAY


In this guide, I will be completely covering Gauss. I will be going over stats, abilities, augments, Steel Path viability, and builds. Feel free to skip around using the links below. They will also be sorted accordingly on the timeline. 0:00 Intro & Disclaimer 0:24 Warframe Stats 0:51 Quick Acquisition 1:07 Gauss Ability Breakdown 9:00 Gauss Augments Breakdown 9:37 Steel Path Viable? 10:19 Build Disclaimer 10:51 Build 1: Does Everything 17:48 Outro If you found this video helpful, please drop a like. If I missed something or you'd like to give constructive criticism, please feel free to leave a comment. All the support is appreciated. If you're looking forward to more content like this, don't forget to subscribe to be informed of new releases. #Gauss #Warframe #Guide #HowTo #Builds #WF



Deze video legt uit hoe je een stelsel van vergelijking kunt oplossen met matrices, de zogenaamde Gauss-Jordan methode of Gauss-Jordan eliminatie. De eerste stap is het omzetten van de vergelijkingen in een matrix, waarna met rijoperaties de rij-echelon of canonieke matrix gevonden kan worden. Met de canonieke matrix kan het stelsel eenvoudig opgelost worden. Deze video is deel van een volledige afspeellijst over matrices en determinanten: 🤍 Hier kan je ALLE nederlandstalige video's bekijken: 🤍 Intro song: 🤍 Tags: gauss jordan elimination , gauss jordan eliminatie , gauss jordan matrix , gauss jordan matrix inversion , gauss jordan khan academy , gauss jordan aplicaciones , gauss jordan method , gauss jordan elimination example , gauss jordan inverse matrix , gauss jordan algorithm , solve system of equations with matrix , solving systems with matrix equations , solve systems using matrices , Stelsels oplossen met matrices , Stelsel oplossen , wiskundeacademie , wiskunde bijles , Khan , Khan academy

Utiliser le théorème de Gauss - Terminale - Maths expertes


Dans cette vidéo, tu pourras apprendre à utiliser le théorème de Gauss et son corollaire. 👍 Site officiel : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 TikTok : 🤍

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