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Breyer Horse Movie Gaited Episode 3 "Laura"


So its Finally out! I am so sorry that it had not come out sooner, but i's had some problems with filming, and editing it. Thank you all for over 2000 followers! Enjoy, and as always, "Strike Fast" ~LightningStables~ ~Email me at LightningStables🤍 ~Remember to subscribe! ~Episode 4 will hopefully be out by the end of August ~This will be the last episode posted before Five Nights at Freddy's. The series WILL continue regularly after the mini series. I just need to work on one thing at a time, and after the mini series episode 4 and more will be posted. ~Thanks for all your cooperation with the lack of posting of this series. Ive just been very busy. ~LightningStables~

Breyer Horse Freedom Series PLUS Barrel Racer & We Paint Stablemates


by request: Today on Unbox Daily we've got a Surprise just in time for Breyerfest 2019!! Although Froggy and the crew won't be able to make it to Breyerfest thus year unbox some goodies like the new Freedom Series | Barrel Racing | and Froggy shows you the best way to paint your Stablemates at Breyerfest with a few tips and tricks!! #Breyer #BreyerHorse #ToyUnboxing #ToyInfluencer #Kidfluencer Buy your Froggy Fresh Doll here: 🤍 Check out our Instagram 🤍myfroggystuff for weekly giveaways!! Our Second Channel: 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 check us out at: 🤍 facebook : 🤍 fun stuff for kids: 🤍 shop: 🤍

|:| Grim |:| Episode 2 |:| 'All Alone' |:| Breyer Horse Series |:|


↓READ ME↓ Grim - Episode 2 "All Alone" ♐ Well, here it is!! Grim episode 2!! ♐ Now I just need to say...OMG THAT SCENE WITH THE SILVER SWORDS IS FREAKING AWESOME I swear that is probably one of my favorite scenes in the entire season! :P but the filming.... Kinda sucked ♐Well the series really seems to be going well! I'm really impressed by myself :D ♜EPISODE SUMMARY ♜ ●Huck and Phoenix talk out killing a horse, Phoenix talks about his dead mate Jade as well, Phoenix's brother convinces him to get his revenge. ●Guardian becomes a official member of the Silver Swords, they celebrate by a dinner were Dexter tells the story of the Silver Swords. ●Scarlett's asks Rain about her mother (Jade) Rain refuses to tell Scarlett, raising more questions for Scar. ●Scarlett learns that when she grows older she is to be mated to Neptune Sage. ● Destiny tries to convince Loki to give himself up. ✩ I DON'T EVEN KNOW ✩ KK time to rant on about the series now! Heh heh. Okay... One, LONG LIVE LOKI!!! OK that was random! 2 Scarlett is pretty cool for a princess that is. She is EPICNESS! Now about her mother... just don't even...That will get answered later on in the series :) uhh...that's pretty much it...yeah ⇍ LINKS ⇏ FACEBOOK ↯ 🤍 GRIM OFFICIAL WEBSITE ↯ 🤍 BEHIND THE SCENES ↯ 🤍 ♞ EPISODE QUESTION ♞ *Now what is your favorite scene? Huh? * COMMENT BELOW! ✍ FAN ART/CONTACT ME ✍ Got any Fan Art? If you do send it to thegaurdianoffire🤍 (Yes, i am aware that Guardian is spelled wrong in my email :P) If you have any questions email me!! or if you have Fan Art send it to me!! Fan Art will be showed at the end of the next episode after the credits!! Grim-Episode 2-"All Alone" “ That's all I deserve, to be all alone.” Grim is created by TheGuardianOfFire. Story, Characters, Plot belong to me and are not to be replicated in any way. © 2015 TheGuardianOfFire

Tales of the Herd (Breyer Horse Series) E21 S3 "The Capture"


LIKE THE TALES OF THE HERD FB PAGE - 🤍 Before I get into this description at all, I want to give a special thanks to Zoltan Csordas for the use of his song 'A Bright Future Ahead'. He has some serious talent and you should all go check out his amazing music! Link to Zoltan's channel - 🤍 So...betcha didn't see that one coming did ya? I don't know if you guys notice but there always seems to be at least one intense episode per season. Notice a pattern anyone? Also, for those of you who are really observant, recognize the buckskin paint names Ace from episode 17? Yep, he's back. every character in this series has a huge purpose to the story line, just when you think you've seen the last of a random character...BOOM! They reappear unexpectedly. Really happy to have this episode out, I honestly thought it wouldn't come out decent because I saw it as one of the hardest scenes to film (apart from the lightning scene from season 2, that one was a bore to get through). Well besides some minor mistakes, which I won't point out because everyone has flaws, I'm pretty happy with this episode. Lots of emotion lots of cliff hangers...and now to satisfy your hunger, I'm off to film episode 22! :) Episode 21 "The Capture" Season 3 EPISODE SUMMARY: While getting a drink of water Aliby, Tewa, Wasco, and Region run into some trouble. Induna is devastated by the news and Region finds it hard to cope without his best friend, Wasco, by his side.

Tales of the Herd (Breyer Horse Series) E5 S1 "Distrusted Brother"


LIKE THE TALES OF THE HERD FB PAGE - 🤍 I'm sorry this couldn't have been out sooner, finals take a lot of work :/ . This episode could have been a bit better but I wanted it to be out already so it's decent. Not to much excitement still but only 3 more episodes until the season finally and I know that will sertainly leave you guys wanting more! :D Regardless I haoper you enjoy this episode and hey new characters!!! WOOH!! Just hang tight everyone and i'll do my best. :) Episode 5 "Distrusted Brother" Season 1 EPISODE SUMMARY: Three siblings (Regian, Induna, and Demeter) Dispute about thier brothers tellings of an epidemic. The Salvista Herd is unaware of the watchful eyes of a mysterious stallion.

Breyer Horse Crazy Surprise Series 2 Blind Bag Unboxing Toy Review Stablemates Full Case Opening


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Box of New Horses ! Traditional, Club, Freedom Series Breyer Horse Haul Video


The new mid year release Breyer horses are here! Check out just how beautiful and magical they are like the CollectA unicorns, traditional Bisbee, a show jumper, new Freedom Series molds, Stablemates club horses and more! Welcome to my horse channel! I'm crazy about horses so you will find super fun videos all about horses! Subscribe if you love horses too!! :D Subscribe for ♥ FREE ♥: 🤍 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Watch More HoneyheartsC Videos ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥ New Horse !!! Buying Lusitano Horse Star Stable Online Horse 🤍 ♥ Learning To Jump ! Star Stable Online Horse Let's Play Game 🤍 ♥ Hide & Seek + Wild Horses ! Star Stable Online Horse Let's Play 🤍 ♥ Spirit At The Summer Circus ! Star Stable Online Horse 🤍 Friend me on Instagram: 🤍Honeyheartsc ♥♥- Thank you for watching! See you in my next video!-♥♥

• Barn Days • Season 1 Episode 1 • Breyer series •


I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC I DO NOT OWN THE SOUND EFFECTS • Episode sum up • Megan just bought a young horse at the auction, who still needs a name. She test rides her, and is an okay ride but will need lots of work. Austin then tells Megan she has two new lesson kids coming, and when they arrive Bella decides to train Amon. Then Amon gets his hoof stuck in the fence and starts to freak out, rearing and then landing on Bella. • Stars • Megan - Megan Bella - Brenda Austin - Austin Melisa - Western lesson kid Maggie - English lesson kid Shaker - Light bay Winter - Dapple grey Dolly - Chestnut quarter horse • Please read • So Megan will need a name for her new horse, so leave suggestions in the comments below! Also, tell me what you think of this episode, I worked fairly hard on it. AND if you want to make fan art for this series, please email me at (peachkitty11🤍 and I'll make it the thumb nail for the next Barn Days episode :)

Entity | Episode Seven (Breyer Horse Series)


Entity · Episode Seven "Nightmare or Vision?" . What an awesome way to celebrate a new year than a brand new episode of Entity?! Honestly couldn't be prouder of the progress of this series despite the hardships last year. And, only one more episode until we start season 2! . Huge thank to me wonderful voice actors, you guys are Legendary! · . . LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE . For frequent updates, check out my Instagram: 🤍

Tales of the Herd (Breyer Horse Series) S1 E1 "A Rising Threat"


LIKE THE TALES OF THE HERD FB PAGE - 🤍 WATCH IN HD NOW!!!!!!! OH MY CASTIEL! (hahah Supernatural reference :3) IT'S FINALY HERE!!! *dances* Please share this with you breyer friends or anyone! Spread me like a disease! :D So yes I know I have a few errors you can see the script, a car, and the camera is unfocused at times, but this was my first time using it bear with me ;). I have filmed a few movies before so this is not my first series, the ones I have filmed before were never released though. I know it's long but c'mon it's the first episode they don't get any longer than this. This episode is only to introduce our MAIN main characters (yes I meant to put main twice) because there are a lot of them. The story will mostly revolve around the herd or Salvista Herd (yes weird name I know, but the heard names are from where the herd originated, in this case the Salvista Valleys.(it's a made up place) Oh, another thing in this series Horses have first, middle and last names. For example Osage (Hassan's crush). Her first name is Osage, her middle name is Lilac (based on her mother's name), and her last name is Salvista (based on her herd's name). I know it's an odd concept I'll explain it later. This will be like a TV series so it will have seasons and about 8 to 9 episodes per- season. Trust me it's a really long series it may even get to six seasons. Reason for the delay is I was having issues uploading a 15 minute 30 second video. Every time I go to the YouTube tab to upload it I got a message that says the YouTube limit is 10 minutes and it must be smaller than 2GB and blah blah blah. So this episode won't have the usual season 1 intro, but it will be in the rest. ~Also special thanks to Michael Donner for the use of his song Two Worlds-Two Souls (the first song in the episode) XD Okay I'll stop chatting about it and let you enjoy the episode. Episode 1 "Arising Threat" Season 1 EPISODE SUMMARY: Follow the Salvista Heard on their journey to find a home in the wild. *READ! THE MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO IS UNCOPYWRIGTED AND/OR I HAVE PERMSISSION FROM THE ARTIST TO USE IT IN THIS NON-PROFIT VIDEO*

Centuries{}Breyer Horse Series[]Season 1 Episode 1 "A Fine Queen"


{Please read. Thank you.} Hello everyone! Finally, it is here! The first episode of Centuries! (Yes! :D) I've been waiting to get this up, and now the time has finally come! I hope you all enjoy this first episode, it took some time and effort to make, which I think paid off. :) Down below is a short summary of the series, so if you want to read that, just scroll down. :) (I do not not own the music or some of the effects.) [Centuries summary] Centuries is a short series about kings, queens, love, betrayal, lies and war. King Stefan Cel Noir and Lord Drail whom are friends, but King Vladeran who wants to overthrow King Stefan Cel Noir and rule over Vascar and Cathalith.

Entity | Episode One (Breyer Horse Series)


Entity · Episode One "Entities still exist." . Welcome to my new series, Entity! I'll be pouring my heart and soul into this series so hopefully, you all enjoy it and I intend to improve throughout its production. . Huge thank you to my cast members! You guys bring these characters to life, and I appreciate the amazing effort you guys put into voice acting for me. · . . LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE . For frequent updates, check out my Instagram: 🤍

Breyer horse original series | Faith and Hope » season 1 episode 1


READ DOWN THERE! ITS FINALLY HERE!!! after filming it three times and having complications, it's here! I worked pretty hard on this, but it's not my best! This is actually one of the worst episodes there will be, but don't worry it WILL get VERY good :) I hope you enjoyed this! if so give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below! EPISODE SUMMARY: *Avaline tells you her story *She goes out and explores for her birthday *Returning home her father is angry for her being out so late *But he just wants her to understand that he's trying to protect her INSTAGRAM: XOXO, breyerandwolflover

Entity Uprising | Episode 1 | “Truth” – Breyer Horse Series [Season 2]


#EntityBreyerSeries “You can’t change the truth, but the truth can change you.” Best episode ever! Personally, I’ve never been so proud of my work. Entity has come so far and I’m over the moon to finally release the first episode of Season Two. Lots of new faces and adventures await our favourite characters! Also, apologies for the cliffhanger… again… I have a bad habit of ending episodes on a high note, lol. Huge thank you to all my PHENOMENAL cast members! You guys always exceed my expectations, and I can’t thank you enough for your commitment. …………………………….. (Summary) - After his traumatic experience during the war, Gray doesn’t plan on letting anyone use him again, or Hanna. However, Hanna is growing tiresome of the constant running away. - Following their disappearance, Enzo and Vatani went into hiding to sort out the mess created during their time in Kramore. Distressed and lost, Enzo is unsure how they can solve their problem, but Vatani remains positive and tries to instil some hope in him. Vatani brings up her sister, but Alexa isn’t pleased with her sibling's request. Now more than ever she needs to know the truth. - Meanwhile, Kira, Daniel, Nex and Tyren try to uncover where Enzo disappeared too. Using the flower left behind, Tyren uncovers the mystery, and they make preparations. But, Kira disagrees and feels something is not right. After arguing with her brother, Kira leaves and decides to do things her way from now on. Followed by Daniel, Isabelle and Luka, they make their way to Kartha. But Diana spots them? - As Four and Apollo meet with the King, warriors chat amongst themselves in the armoury. Ryker and Axel talk about Larissa and her sudden disappearance before Diana walks in. Axel suspects Diana is hiding something. …………………………… Chloe Baird (CG Breyer), is the most amazing Music Producer ever!! Her work is AMAZING, and I can’t thank her enough for putting her time aside to do the music for this series. Make sure to check out the tracks on her channel: 🤍 (Equipment used): Canon EOS 200D II Adobe Premiere Pro (2022 Version) ©Seaquake Productions Social media: Instagram | 🤍 Website | 🤍 Facebook | 🤍

Insurgency | Breyer Model Horse Series | Episode 1


WATCH IN HD Insurgency Episode 1 is finished! Thanks so much to the cast and the extras who helped me with this! I had lots of fun and I'm really happy with my improvement, in writing, cinematography, and editing. Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Entity | Episode Two (Breyer Horse Series)


Entity · Episode Two "Hunters!" . The next episode is here and I couldn't;t be happier with the progress of this series so far. . Thanks again to the AMAZING cast members for voice acting! You guys were awesome, as always. · . . LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE . For frequent updates, check out my Instagram: 🤍 Hunters! "



Apologizes for the horrible audio quality I couldn't figure out how to download the old video OOF! It was definitely interesting to look back at this video and see how I use to make YouTube videos... My friends and I always had so much fun making those videos back in the day XD . . Did any of y'all have a YouTube channel when you were younger or was that just me? Because DANG THAT WAS TRAGIC! . . Want to see me react to other old videos of mine? Let me know down below! I have a bunch of videos I could react to including a collection tour I did when I first started collecting that I just rediscovered! . . FIND ME ON THE INTERWEBS - . IG || Infinity_Breyers Etsy || InfinityBreyersCo TikTok || Catching_Infinity FB || InfinityBreyersCo

Vengeance Rain | Episode 1 "Anarchy" | Season Two [An Original Model Horse Series]


THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. I'M TIRED. HERE IT IS. ✮ Vengeance Rain Links ✮ ▻ All Episodes ⇨ 🤍 ▻ Previous Episode ⇨ 🤍 ▻ Instagram ⇨ 🤍_foxxtastic_ "History... begins with anarchy."

Tales of the Herd (Breyer Horse Series) S1 E6 "The Mystery Mare"


LIKE THE TALES OF THE HERD FB PAGE - 🤍 First off I have to say this is waaayyyy overdue, i'm sorry to keep you guys waiting so long! Computer problems...ugh. Well I hope you're happy that it's out because well i'm not. I don't really like how this came out, my hand shows a lot and it's just bad in general. So some things to make it less confusuing- A Dam-is refering to a horse's mother In the episode Osage says her name is 'Osage lylac Salvista' Lylac was her dam's(mother's) name. In this series mares take on their mother's names as their middle names. Same with satllions and their sires. For the last name 'Salvista' is from the origin herd name, and since Osage was born in the Salvista Herd she takes it on as her last name. I explained this back in the description of the 1st episode but incase any of you forgot or just missed it. Episode 6 "The Mytsery Mare" Season 1 EPISODE SUMMARY: The mares of the Salvista Herd wander to an open clearing to allow the colts and stallions some space. While grazing a mysteriouse mare catches Osages attention. Meanwhile Region and Induna continue their search for the Herd their brother had spoken about.

Entity | Episode Three (Breyer Horse Series)


Entity · Episode Three "Out cold." . Another episode I'm super proud of, especially in terms of editing and filming. I'm thrilled my skills are improving with every episode and I can't wait to see where it takes me! . Huge thanks again to my cast members! · . . LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE . For frequent updates, check out my Instagram: 🤍 You knocked everyone out cold. "

:: LOST :: Episode 1:: Original Breyer Horse Series :: A Storm Approaches ::


-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- I DO NOT OWN MUSIC OR SOUND EFFECTS -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- This is an original breyer horse series made by Me, BreyerGirl100, and my sister, BisForBreyer. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Hope you enjoy this!!! :D Cast: Don't Look Twice (Dixie) - Andrea - BisForBreyer Sara Moniet - Moniet - BreyerGirl100 Grullo Paint (Amon) - Amon - BreyerGirl100 Harley D Zip (Bash) - Sebastian - BisForBreyer Maverick - Jasper - BisForBreyer Alaska - Red - BreyerGirl100 Oaki - Winter - BisForBreyer Simba (Jazz) - Hiro - BisForBreyer

Breyer Halloween Movie Bloody Mare Part 1 of 2 - Horses Video Series HoneyheartsC


New Breyer Mini WhinniesHalloween movie - Bloody Mare! It will be a 2 part series :D Here is part 2 of Bloody Mare: 🤍 * Thank you Kevin MacLeod for some music used in this series New Breyer Model Horses releases info video: Traditional sized Brick and Mortar Icelandic Elska #1731, DELUXE Stablemate 7 stall barn, Mid States Distributing classics America's Wild Mustangs Maska & Helaku Dun Stallion and Colt, Anna & Tuari Bay Pinto Mare and Black Pinto Colt, Cutting Horse & Calf, limited edition 2015 Sonsela. 🤍 Play Star Stable online with me: 🤍 Breyer Stablemates are getting together for a summer pool party! 🤍 More BF 2015 Videos: This is what I picked up at Breyerfest 2015 at the Clarion hotel room sales. 🤍 Video on which Breyerfest 2015 Special Run Traditional model horses I picked up while at the Kentucky Horse Park. Which 2 did I get out of Versailles, Chanel, Giverny, Haute Couture, Le Taureau, Enchante, Ganache, or Quelle Surprise! 🤍 Breyerfest 2016 Carnival Theme Announcement - Breyer Horses News Video 🤍 New Breyerfest 2015 Stablemates for single day ticket holders. Meringue, Crepe Suzette, Crème Brulee, and Éclair are glossy models to pick from. 🤍 New midyear 2015 releases to Breyers Best of British collection of horses. Here are the new models, Traditionals Highland Pony, Irish Draught, Classic sized Shire & Corgi Gift Set. 🤍 Breyer Traditional horses Music Maid (Sara Moniet) and S Justadream talk to horses about Breyerfest 2015 Special Runs, live auction, and store special models. Does Rainbow have a crush on Giverny? 🤍 New Breyerfest 2015 model is Le Taureau, classic Spanish Bull. 🤍 Breyer Horses Mystery Surprise Foal Family Set with Icelandic stallion and palomino blanket Appaloosa mare. What will their foal look like? It's a surprise! 🤍 Let's paint a custom Stablemate with the Breyer Horse Crazy Mystery Surprise Blind Bags! 🤍 2015 Breyer order is here! Which horses are inside the box package? Find out :D 🤍 Here are the NEW Breyerfest 2015 exclusive models so far: Simba du Pont de Tournay- 2015 Celebration Horse, C'est La Vie Sunday Raffle Model, Oration Store Specials, and C'est Bon - 2015 BreyerFest Early Bird Raffle Prize. Meet Sara Moniet and Smokin Doubledutch too! 🤍 2015 Breyer Holiday Christmas Horse Peppermint Kiss, Collector Club Glacier Pronghorn Antelope, Argyle 2015 Brick and Mortar Special and more! 🤍 New 2015 Breyer horses releases for the new year. Enjoy new stablemates Painting surprise blind bags, traditional like Autism Benefit Horse, Glitterati, Polo Pony and rider, Smokin Doubledutch, Don't Look Twice, Picasso, classics like Butterfly Kisses, Arabian family and so much more! 🤍 ♥ Subscribe: 🤍 Don't miss an episode! Subscribe! ♥ Music by me HoneyheartsC!

PEIRCE - Episode 1 - "The Thatchers" (Original Breyer Horse Movie)


"The Thatchers" While a sense of foreboding threatens the peace of Odis Thatcher's kingdom of Arietrem, the relations of Peirce Thatcher future king of Arietrem are made apparent within the kingdom. Question of the Episode: Which character do you find most appealing in Arietrem? `` READ WHILE THE VIDEO QUES. This episode is sloppy in my opinion, and it would have been posted probably two months in advance if not for a massive hardrive shut down that my computer experienced through a malware issue. Future episodes are much cleaner cut due to the frequent filming and handywork of a camera. I'm kind of proud, regardless! I hope you all enjoy watching and getting a feel for the characters. KEEP IN MIND Clock's lines (Breyerlov) are quiet and tuned to the left earbud, so keep a steady ear listening, or just turn up your volume a tad. Adjustments are being made to the quality of the audio and how it syncs with my software so it's easier listening to! Thank you. `` ✿ EPISODE 2 🤍 ✿ Follow me on Instagram casstle (four underscores) ✿ Email me, send fanart, etc. kelticlegend🤍 ✿Next Video Reflection: PEIRCE Ep. 01 🤍

Christmas Show Breyer Horses Weather Girl Rainbow Series Holiday Party Video Honeyheartsc


Traditional Breyer Weather girls Rainbow and Thunderstorm are going to a holiday fashion show. But Rainbow runs into the new pastel rainbow stallion Giverny and talks with him. Do they like each other or do they only have rainbows in common? Want more Holiday horse videos, click here: 🤍 New Breyer model horses to be released in 2016. Geronimo, Valegro, Banks Vanilla, Sweet Pea, translucent Rock and Roll Forever, Rocky, Babyflo, Rhapsody In Black the NEW weather girl mare and more! And series 2 Mini Whinnies Surprise blind bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay new 2016 horse models! Check out Breyer's Valegro, Banks Vanilla, Carltonlima Emma, Breyer Vintage Club is offering free Riptide SM and exclusive SR Charlie. Collectors Club has Abdul as an exclusive and the Premier club has a new sculpture Geronimo for 2016! Schleich 2016 is going to release lots of beautiful models like rainbow unicorns and pegasus. Even CollectA has new models like the Ardennes Stallion. 🤍 Play Star Stable online with me: 🤍 Breyer Stablemates are getting together for a summer pool party! 🤍 Video on which Breyerfest 2015 Special Run Traditional model horses I picked up while at the Kentucky Horse Park. Which 2 did I get out of Versailles, Chanel, Giverny, Haute Couture, Le Taureau, Enchante, Ganache, or Quelle Surprise! 🤍 Breyerfest 2016 Carnival Theme Announcement - Breyer Horses News Video 🤍 About HoneyheartsC Channel The ultimate collector of Breyer's smallest scale of model horses, Mini Whinnies. Super fun family friendly videos all about horses! You will find videos about playset toy reviews, openings, movie series, do it yourself (diy) projects, and so much other awesome things. Whether you collect traditional, classics, stablemates, Peter Stone, Schleich, Safari, or any other model horse, I know you will enjoy my videos. ♥ Subscribe: 🤍 Don't miss an episode! Subscribe! ♥ Music by me HoneyheartsC!

New Breyer Horses Series - Conquering Tide - Trailer #1


ALL the horses used in this video are stunt doubles. Everyone! I would NEVER knock models over, but I bought these non LSQ horses specifically to use as stunt doubles, after filming, I will customize them. OMG! This was such a NIGHTMARE FOR ME!!! If you see black patches in this, The effects completely freaked out on me, if you'll excuse my simple terms. This is the main reason why I haven't been on you tube so much...I've been working meh socks off trying to get WMM to work!!! Honors! 29th August 2009 #35 - Most Discussed (Today) - United Kingdom #1 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - United Kingdom #15 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation #19 - Top Favorited (Today) - United Kingdom #1 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation - United Kingdom #23 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation #35 - Top Rated (Today) - United Kingdom #4 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation - United Kingdom #37 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation #15 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation - United Kingdom 30th August 2009 #6 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Film & Animation #76 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Film & Animation - Global #50 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Film & Animation #10 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Film & Animation #96 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Film & Animation #8 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation #86 - Top Rated (This Month) - Film & Animation

Breyer Series~Barn days: Episode 1


I DO NOT OWN THE SOUND EFFECTS OR MUSIC!! Episode 1 is finally out! :D There were some troubles and mistakes though...So in the first episode Megan said she was going to ride a different horse in the trail show, but I ended up changing the plot and so she rode Alaska instead. Also I could not find any way to edit in fire so...I might as well just say the barn is on fire and that's why the horses are scared :P Thanks for watching!! :D

Breyer horse movie 'Gaited' "Welcome Home" part 1 season 1 600 subs


So here it is!! The official breyer movie Gaited. This is the first part of the first Episode of the series. There will be 5 parts to the first episode, so yep! Hope you enjoy!!! Inspired by RedStoneManor! No copyright intended THANKS FOR 600!!!!!

~Escapar~ episode 7 Original Breyer Horse Series} |SERIES FINALE|


The series is officially over. I put a lot of hard work into it and it was a fun project! A short film about Fudge's life will be coming soon. Thanks to all of my amazing and talented voice actresses! It was great to work with you all. So close to 1000 subscribers guys I can't believe it this is so amazing! ~Peace out, Bubblezz/Liv

|:| Grim |:| Episode 1 |:| "The Fiery Warrior" |:| Breyer Horse Series |:|


↓READ ME↓ Grim - Episode 1 "The Fiery Warrior" ♐ Welcome to the world of Grim. ♐ Okay, so this is the first episode! Whoop! Whoop! its finally here! ♐ So here is a little bit of info about the episodes... There will be 16 episodes in a season, I hope to make about 3 seasons, each episode will be about 15-25 minutes. (The finale will be like 30-45) there will be either a preview or trailer before each episode. ♜EPISODE SUMMARY ♜ ● Lord Huck and Ryman discuss their plan to kill the King. ● Prince Neptune is practicing sword fighting, He and his Father, Lucas discuss Neptune's future as a King and what he will need for protection. ● Drake and his sister Sky are practicing for Drake's upcoming archery competition, on the way back to the castle Drake comes along a friend. Drake and Keltic play an archery games entitled 'Spike' while playing Drake and Keltic discover something. ● Sky goes back to Castle Grullo, there she meets her Father and Lady Cove (Drake's future mate) Sky gets into a fight with Cove. ● Issei and Thor are walking through a forest. Thor's wounded leg gets them into a argument about Thor's back story and about The Fiery Warrior. ● Rain reads Scarlett a chapter of 'The Fiery Warrior' ● Huck and Ryman meet 'The Fiery Warrior' in the forest. ♞ EPISODE QUESTION ♞ *Any characters you love to death or hate so much you want them dead?...I'm just curious of my characters first impression on you guys!!* COMMENT BELOW! ✍ FAN ART/CONTACT ME ✍ Got any Fan Art? If you do send it to thegaurdianoffire🤍 (Yes, i am aware that Guardian is spelled wrong in my email :P) If you have any questions email me!! or if you have Fan Art send it to me!! Fan Art will be showed at the end of the next episode after the credits!! Grim-Episode 1-"The Fiery Warrior" “ When will you learn? No one can kill me, I'm practically immortal, I'm the Fiery warrior!” Grim is created by TheGuardianOfFire. Story, Characters, Plot belong to me and are not to be replicated in any way. © 2015 TheGuardianOfFire

The Apothecary (Breyer Horse Series) Preview


CONTAINS GORE. CLICK 720p FOR BEST RESULTS. The Apothecary~ All new original series. You're probably wondering about the sounds in the background. This story is about barn horses that escape with only some supplies, and have to fend for themselves while World War 2 briskly approaches. The main character, Map, was a new horse at the barn, therefore, no one really knows his name. With only little medical knowledge, everyone begins to call him The Apothecary for his "intelligence" in healing.

(Breyer Horses Series) The Dark Knight - Return To The Wild // Part 10


NOTE!: All models used are STUNT DOUBLES. They have been purchased as a SECOND model, so that my showing models will remain INTACT and Live SHOW QUALITY, aka LSQ. After filming for the series is complete, these models will be prepped, primed, customized and sold.

Entity | Episode Eight (Breyer Horse Series) - (Season One Finale)


"Lies are an illusion" After about a year, we finally made it to the end of Season 1, and what a journey it's been! There were challenges, hilarious moments, huge improvements, and the support from all of you was incredible! Honestly, this series wouldn't be where it is without you amazing viewers! To the entire cast, you guys were OUTSTANDING!!! And I'm looking forward to working with some of you again in Season 2. You guys literally brought this season to life, and I can't thank you enough! For those still undecided or are thinking about auditioning for Season Two, click the link below. Experience is required and I'd love to add some new voices to the cast: 🤍 This episode has to be one of my favourites, just because of the outdoor scenes where the sunset comes through the trees. We also have some interesting lead-ups into season two. After the release, I'll be releasing some other videos, including VA Bloopers, Filming fails, Entity out of context, a Q&A and probably some information about characters and the series. So keep an eye out. .......................................................... For more updates, subscribe and check out my Instagram: 🤍

Breyer Horse Movie Alaska part 1



• Barn Days • Season 1 Episode 2 • Breyer series •


I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC I DO NOT OWN THE SOUND EFFECTS • Episode sum up • Bella was hurt bad on her leg when her horse Amon reared and knocked her over, landing on her leg. That is the third mistake Amon made that month, so Bella is now getting a new horse but not selling Amon yet. She wants Megan to work with him. Dolly and Amon meet and talk over the fence. • Fan art • ❤ The lovely chestnut horse on the thumbnail was made by Champion Ridge Stables ❤

Breyer Horse Series "Life" Ep 1


This video is a Breyer Horse Series "Life" Ep 1. This is my first series so let me know if you all want more episodes ;-) thanks for watching Music:Wicked Games - The Weeknd Editing Software - iMovie for Mac Book Pro Copywrite to RDSProductions , do not reuse my story or plot. thankyou xx ;-)

The Dauntless S01E01 "The Princess" (Breyer Horse Series)


So episode one is finally here! I hope you like it, tell me what you think. This episode isn't the best, but the future ones will be much better! :) Really, you can just skip it, :P It isn't an important episode. Please rate, comment, and subscribe! Music not mine! All belongs to rightful owners.

Breyer Stablemates Horse Crazy Collection Series 2 Full Set Unboxing Toy Review


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Breyer Horse Series Seekers S2 E14


Hey guys! I am so glad to finally get this video out! I am immediately starting on episode 15 season 2 of Seekers. Unfortunately, Seekers is only going to be 2 seasons long due to going to college in a little over a year, but for now, we can enjoy these episodes. By the way, would anyone want me to remake the first few episodes? They could be made with much better quality and better editing. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Social Medias: Instagram: fina_the_stargazer Pinterest: Fina034 M. Wishbone: fina034 Twitter: 🤍BreyerSeekers Tumblr: fina034

Days With Sandy! (My Breyer Horse series/show/movie)


Days With Sandy! (My Breyer Horse series/show/movie) Sandy sings for us..Or does she? Comment.Rate. and SUBSCRIBE!!!! ^ | | Push that button!- RayAnn213 ENJOY!

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