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SHAD SH36 Side Cases Review


SHAD SH36 Side Cases - SHAD proves it's leadership position in the world of motorcycle luggage with the release of the New SHAD SH36 Side Bags. SHAD's SH36 Saddlebags offer unique features unavailable on any competitor products, including a storage capacity of (1) XXL Full Face Helmet. An inner lip helps protect accessories from falling out while opening the SH36 side case and, an elastic strap helps keep items together. A convenient carrying handle enables easy carrying when off the motorcycle. One huge competitive advantage versus GIVI Side Cases is the fact that a key is not needed to access the SH36 when in unlocked position. Two Keys are provided for locking and a third matching key and cylinder allow you to match your SHAD top case to your SHAD side cases. Matched by the new, highly innovative and patented 3P mounting system, already available for a great variety of popular motorcycles, SHAD again proves its capacity to innovate and lead in the market. Fully waterproof and weighing only 8 pounds each, SHAD's SH36 Side Bags are the lightest in the market. The New SHAD 3P Mounting Kits are available for a great variety of motorcycles including Yamaha FZ6R FZ8 FZ07 and FZ09, Honda CB500X/F/R CTX700 NC700 and VFR800 models, Kawasaki Versys 650 and Ninja 650, Suzuki Vstrom 650 and Vstrom 1000 models and the BMW F800R and Triumph Tiger 800. SHAD accessories for the SH36 include a convenient Inner Bag and color options including Silver, Titanium, Carbon, White and Gloss Black. SHAD SH36 Side Bags retail at $469.00 and are available through your local motorcycle dealer or, by visiting 🤍 SHAD's 3P Mounting Systems range between retail prices of $170.00 and $225.00 depending on the motorcycle model.

SHAD SH59X Adventure Expandable Top Case


SHAD Motorcases has launched the new and exclusive SHAD SH59X Top Case, an expandable motorcycle top case featuring a maximum of 59 Liters of storage capacity. The SHAD SH59X Aluminum Top Case features three size positions that are easily adjustable from within the top case. The optional sizes include 48 Liters at the smallest position, an intermediate capacity of 52 Liters and finally a maximum storage capacity of 59 Liters. The SH59X Top Case stands out as a rugged adventure capable touring trunk that can easily swallow 2 of the largest full face helmets on the market, making it your best storage companion available on the market to date. Featuring an aluminum cover panel this top case does not just offer maximum capacity and functionality, it sets the bar in terms of design and technology while offering only the best in quality, fit and finish.

Shad Hard Luggage Review


Shad Hard Luggage Review 🤍 Whatever you’re hauling, get it there safely and securely with Shad hard luggage. Their motorcycle storage solutions come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to fit most applications. With their secure closures and weatherproof construction, you can travel farther and carry confidently with Shad cases. Use the bike finder tool to choose the right Shad product for your ride.

SHAD Adventure Saddlebags TERRA TR40


At SHAD we continue to promote our growth in the Adventure sector. After the great success of our TERRA aluminium cases, we increase our range with the first SHAD’s adventure saddlebags: the new TR40 designed and engineered 100% in Barcelona. They are perfect for those riders who want to go one step forward on their off-road adventures. This set of saddle bags stands out for its “Double Locking System” (patent pending) which locks the bag to the fitting and prevents, at same time, the access to the inside of the bag. - Made from high abrasion resistant material - 100% waterproof: the 2 inner bags (included) combined with the outer bags ensure waterproofness. - Capacity of 32 litres and 20 kg of load (two bags) - Fuel bottle harness and dry bag included as accessory

SHAD Hardshell Saddlebags E48SR


We are pleased to show our new saddlebags E48SR, the first hardshell saddlebags made by SHAD. Its sportive design offers an outstanding aesthetics, without forgetting the practicality, quality and material resistance, allowing a perfect integration to sport and naked motorcycles.

Shad Terra Luggage Overview


Shad Terra Luggage Overview Shad TR48 Terra Top Case 🤍 Shad TR37 Terra Top Case 🤍 Shad TR36 Terra Side Case 🤍 Shad TR47 Terra Side Case 🤍 Shad 4P System Side Case Racks 🤍 Questions? Give our gear experts a call at 877.792.9455, or email/chat here: 🤍 Shad's been in the luggage game for a long time, and they've poured all their expertise into the Terra range of ADV luggage. Available in a range of sizes, the Terra cases use aluminum construction with stainless steel hinges and sturdy locks. Important: Shad Terra luggage is only compatible with Shad's 4P mounting system.

SHAD SH36 & 3P System rack review by MotoRAID (Greek)


Οι νέες βαλίτσες της SHAD : 🤍 Και οι βάσεις 3P System : 🤍

SHAD SH59X Top Case & Adaptor Plate Installation on New Piaggio BV400


SH59X Topcase: 🤍 BV400 Mounting Plate: 🤍 This bike and many others are available for sale in our showroom. VESPA MOTORSPORT 3955 Pacific Hwy. San Diego, CA 92110 For the largest selection of parts and accessories in North America, please visit our website: WWW.SCOOTERWEST.COM Thanks for watching!

SHAD SH59X, le top-case modulable et ses valises | TEST 2021


Montage et utilisation du nouveau top-case shad SH59X expansible qui adapte son volume à ce que vous transporter. Nous y avons ajouté les valises SH35 pour ce voyage. Nous avons montées cet équipement sur une Suzuki V-strom 650. Matthieu vous explique tout du montage et de son utilisation… Merci à tous d’être fidèles à Motorlive et merci pour les pouces bleus et commentaires, ça fait toujours plaisir ! Continuez à nous suivre sur nos tournages… Instagram, Twitter… Instagram : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Mais aussi sur Motoservices pour ne rien manquer de l’actu moto, auto, quad électrique…! Twitter motoservices : 🤍 Et pour les plus nostalgiques ou qui aiment l’histoire de la moto …

Yamaha MT-07 - Shad SH23 SideCases + 3P System - Unboxing, Instalation and Testride!


For long distance touring, sidecases are always a good option. On this video we show how to install the Shad SH23 sidecases / panniers on the Yamaha MT-07 and go for a very brief ride!

Installing Shad SH35 & 3P Racks on a Yamaha MT10


A video of installing the Shad SH 35 Cases and Shad 3P racks on a Yamaha MT10 .

SHAD Terra Side cases review by MotoRAID (Greek)


Έπειτα από χρόνια η Ισπανική εταιρεία SHAD σχεδίασε και κατασκεύασε μια σειρά από βαλίτσες αλουμινίου με κύριο γνώμονα την ποιότητα κατασκευής. Λαμβάνοντας υπόψιν τις ανάγκες του αναβάτη σε ένα ταξίδι και παράλληλα με τον σχεδιασμό των νέων μοτοσικλετών στην αγορά, οι βαλίτσες έχουν κατασκευαστεί από υψηλής ποιότητας αλουμίνιο για μέγιστη αντοχή και τέλειο φινίρισμα για άψογη αισθητική. Σχεδιασμένη για να ταιριάζει με το νέο σύστημα βάσεων βαλιτσών SHAD 4P System. Κατασκευασμένη από σφυρήλατο κράμα αλουμινίου για μέγιστη αντοχή σε χτυπήματα και μειωμένο βάρος. Το παντεταρισμένο διπλό σύστημα κλειδώματος το οποίο φιλοξενεί και λαβή μεταφοράς της βαλίτσας είναι κατασκευασμένο από ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι. Το διπλό πλαίσιο στεγανοποίησης καθιστά την βαλίτσα αδιάβροχη 100%. Χαρακτηριστικά: Αεροδυναμικός σχεδιασμός Συμβατή ΜΟΝΟ με βάσεις 4P System 100% αδιάβροχη χάρη στο διπλό πλαίσιο στεγανοποίησης Δυνατότητα αποθήκευσης ενός σπαστού κράνους και ενός μικρού jet Κατασκευασμένη από σφυρήλατο κράμα αλουμινίου με υψηλή αντοχή και μειωμένο βάρος Πλευρικό άνοιγμα ιδανικό για συσκευασία με πλαστικές αντηρίδες συγκράτησης καπακιού Αποσπώμενο εσωτερικό πιάτο που επιτρέπει στις αποσκευές να είναι τακτοποιημένες και να μην τα πέφτουν όταν ανοίγουμε τη βαλίτσα Σύστημα κλειδώματος "TERRA Lock System" κατασκευασμένο από ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι AISI 304 Αναδιπλούμενη λαβή μεταφοράς βαλίτσας σχεδιασμένη για γρήγορη χρήση μόνο με το ένα χέρι Διαστάσεις (Π x Υ x Β): 42 x 49 x 34 εκ Χωρητικότητα: 47 λίτρα Μέγιστο φορτίο: 10 κιλά Αξεσουάρ αναβάθμισης (πωλούνται χωριστά): Επεκτάσιμη εσωτερική τσάντα Δίχτυ συγκράτησης αποσκευών

Technical Video SHAD TERRA TR55 Top Case


The SHAD TERRA TR55 is the market’s lightest aluminium case with capacity for two flip-up helmets. Designed and made in Barcelona, it has been awarded with the ABC Awards 2022. Measurement optimisation and the use of hardened aluminium alloys of 1.2 mm thickness allow the case’s weight to be reduced to a minimum: at 5.4 kg. TR55 is available in both the Black Edition and natural aluminium versions and features all technical characteristics that have made SHAD’s aluminium top cases successful among users. - Capacity for two flip-up helmets - Lightest top case in its category: 5.4 kg - TERRA Lock System: attaches the case to the motorcycle and blocks it - Integrated carrying handle - Made 100% in Barcelona - Water resistant: sealed frame to protect the case’s interior



Analyse des valises latérales, top cases, accessoires et fixations SHAD, SH59X Expandable Concept, SH58X, SH35 et SH36 ! Les meilleurs accessoires motos 2019 ? Pour accompagner une Africa Twin, BMW et bien plus, que ce soit Adventure ou Touring, découvrez-les dans notre vidéo. Prix et disponibilité : 👉 Top Case SHAD SH59X Expandable Concept : 🤍 👉 Top Case SHAD SH58X : 🤍 👉 Valise latérale SHAD SH35 Aluminum : 🤍 👉 Valise latérale SHAD SH36 Carbon : 🤍 Motocard leader en vente d'équipement moto analyse et test nos meilleurs produits : casque moto, blouson moto, gants moto, pantalon, bottes de moto et bien plus sur notre blog, Youtube et sur nos RRSS. Unboxing et présentation des équipements de moto les plus exclusifs ! Suivez-nous sur Motocard : Blog Motocard : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 #MotocardFrance

SHAD SH58X Expandable Top Case Review |


The SHAD SH58X Expandable top case provides a minimum of 46 liter storage and up to a maximum of 58 liters of storage. The SH58x can also be upgraded with accessories like a backrest or a brake light. It's sleek carbon look provides a sophisticated storage option for your motorcycle as well. To learn more about the SH58X visit Twisted Throttle online here: 🤍 You can Browse all of our other Luggage options here: 🤍 Stay Up-To Date with our latest Products, discounts, and much more by signing up for our Email Newsletter below: 🤍



EICMA has come back this 2021. Once again, SHAD has been present at the most important motorcycle show of the world. We have been presenting our 2022 novelties, such as, the first adventure saddle bags from SHAD, the new TERRA TR40, the semi-rigid saddle bag E48SR, the top case SH44 or the new Smartphone Holder X-Frame. Besides of presenting the main new products for 2022, we have showed for the first time at EICMA the TERRA BLACK EDITION aluminium Cases, launched on the market this 2021. The show has also offered us the chance to present other novelties of this year such as the waterproof tank bag SW23B, the top case SH47, the leg bag SL05 or the new line recently presented SHAD LOCKS. Thanks you for coming visit our stand and been such interested in our products. We hope to see you all next edition!

Shad Top Case Luggage System for the Can-Am Ryker


🛒Can-Am Ryker Shad Top Case Luggage Kit available here: 🤍 We're happy to introduce our Top Case Storage Solution for the Can-Am Ryker Lineup. This project has been along time coming and is a collaborative effort between the team over at SpyderExtras and Shad Bags. This luggage solution features an SH47 Shad top case that's been designed with modern aerodynamic styling and is made from high-quality reinforced polypropylene plastic that resists extreme temperatures, while protecting the gear you have stowed away inside. The top case features a stylish carbon like paneling on the top side of the case as well as an integrated reflective material below the Shad logo to increase visibility at night. The internal volume of the top case is 47 liters which is abundant enough to hold up 2 full-face helmets or your other favorite travel accessories. You'll also get a passenger backrest for comfort, as well as a Shad Bag Removeable Luggage Liner so that you can easily remove and transport the contents of your luggage case. If you're not using the included luggage liner or you prefer to remove the top case itself, you can do so by pulling down on the lower handle to lift the top case up and off the bike and transport it with the integrated carrying handle. That same lower handle is also used to re-attach the top case back onto the bike. The upper handle on the top case is used to open the lid so that you have easy access to your belongings. One of the cool features of this Shad Bag Top case is that it has a Handle Lock System that provides a double locking mechanism. So that once you lock the case with the included key, you lock the top case to the bike while also locking the lid. It also has protection built in so that you can't lock your keys inside.

How to instal SHAD SH23 side cases on Kawasaki Versys-X 300 ~ how to replace top case cylinder lock


Hello everyone! This time I'm going to show you how to install the SHAD SH23 panniers on my Kawasaki Versys-X 300 in this instuction video. I already had the SHAD SH33 top case and I will also show you how to change the cylinder lock of that one, so you only have to use one key for all 3 cases. I'm very happy with these SHAD cases, they are all affordable and good quality. Please like this video if you found it helpfull and subscribe to my channel to see more! Music: Youtube audio library

Jack, client Motoblouz, présente le TOP CASE SHAD SH 59X ADVENTURE


Jack, client Motoblouz, vous fait découvrir TOP CASE SHAD SH 59X ADVENTURE, polyvalent c’est-à-dire trois top cases en un, il est réglable jusqu’à 58 Litres.  Le Top Case SH 59X Adventure utilise le même cadre structurel que celui utilisé pour les valises latérales SH35, qui garantit une haute rigidité et minimise en même temps le poids de l’ensemble. De plus, la réduction significative de la complexité du mécanisme de réglage contribue aussi à la réduction du poids. De ce fait, les Top Cases sont les plus légers de leur catégorie, ce qui améliore clairement la conduite de la moto. Retrouvez le TOP CASE SHAD SH 59X ADVENTURE sur le site de Motoblouz sous la référence SHD0B59100 : 🤍 Le site internet Motoblouz : 🤍

SHAD SH23 Maletas laterales


Las maletas laterales SH23 destacan por su elegancia, ligereza y funcionalidad. El discreto e innovador 3P System, fijación que se apoya únicamente en 3 puntos, facilita su integración con la línea de la moto y convierte en un sencillo trámite su montaje.

Fitting SHAD SH36 panniers and a SHAD SH39 top box


I got a full new set of SHAD SH36 panniers, with a SHAD SH39 top box for my brand new Benelli TRK502 X. This was an easy job and I thought it would be good to show others how easy they are to fit. Read the full review at 🤍 #Benelli #SHAD #Review #fitting #luggage #TopBox #FastBikeBits #Caveman #Panniers

Technical Video SHAD TERRA TR37 & TR48 Top cases BLACK EDITION


The new SHAD TERRA Cases BLACK EDITION are the perfect partner to explore any terrain with the maximum capacity, comfort and safety for your gear. In addition, this new BLACK edition offers a premium finish with scratch resistant powder coated paint. Features: - RED DOT DESIGN AWARDS 2021 & IF DESIGN AWARDS 2021 winner. - 100% designed and made in Barcelona. - Aerodynamic and integrated structural design made in hardened aluminium alloy. - “TERRA Lock System” (patent pending): AISI 304 industrial grade stainless steel that includes the integrated lock and a retractable carrying handle. - Made from a susteinable aluminium, reducing energy by clinching instead of welding, and using green energy in all our facilities. - Hooks for additional cargo load: AISI 304 stainless steel. - Water resistant: Double sealing frame protects the interior compartment from adverse weather. - Inner carpet: Reduces the movement of objects inside. - Reinforced Hinges: Stainless steel AISI 304. - Premium Keys & lock cylinder: Reducing the chance of theft and with an anti-dust cover. Discover more at: 🤍



On en voit de plus en plus sur les routes et en particulier sur les maxitrails, catégorie qui a la faveur des motards ces dernières années. Baroudeurs ou voyageurs, valises et top-case font désormais partie de l’équipement indispensables. Les marques en proposent directement installées, mais c’est souvent plus cher que d’opter pour un équipement adaptables souvent venant des mêmes usines. Shad est une marque espagnole qui conçoit ses productions fabriquées à Barcelonne en Espagne et non en Chine. TEST COMPLET sur 🤍 : 🤍 Merci à tous d’être fidèles à Motorlive et merci pour les pouces bleus et commentaires, ça fait toujours plaisir ! Continuez à nous suivre sur nos tournages… Instagram, Twitter… Instagram : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Mais aussi sur Motoservices pour ne rien manquer de l’actu moto, auto, quad électrique…! Twitter motoservices : 🤍 Et pour les plus nostalgiques ou qui aiment l’histoire de la moto …

SHAD SH48 and SHAD SH50 Top Cases on Honda ST1300


SHAD SH48 Top case and a SHAD SH50 Top Case with Top Rack installed on two Honda ST1300 Motorcycles at Americade 2014 - SHAD Team Members installed a SHAD Top Cases are a phenomenal luggage option for Honda's popular Sport Touring Motorcycle, the Honda ST1300. Best recommended SHAD top cases include the models pictured, SHAD SH48 and SHAD SH50.

SH43 + SH46 Shad Luggage Case Review on FZ6


Today I will be reviewing my Shad SH43 and SH46 hard shell luggage cases on my FZ6. I will also show you the one flaw I think Shad could improve on. Overall these cases have been great in all weather conditions and I would highly recommend them to you if you are considering getting hard shell cases for your touring bike. I've taken this setup camping all across the west coast of North America for weeks on end without any issues. Thanks for watching, please consider smashing the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button. Follow me on instagram 🤍freeheadgasket Check out my teespring site! 🤍 Link to apparel website: 🤍

NC750X 2021 Shad SH35 Pannier Fitting Guide


Full instalation guide for Shad SH35 or Shad SH36 panniers to a Honda NC750X. Though fitted to a 2021 model I believe this guide should be the same for the model 2016 onwards.

Shad Luggage INSTALLED on Z900RS Kawasaki


I bought a shad luggage system, I thought it might be helpful to show the installation process for this luggage, including some issues I ran into along the way. The luggage I chose was 23l top load side panniers and x58 top case for my Kawasaki Z900RS. Hope this is help to someone out there. Thanks for watching! Previous Z900RS Videos: 🤍 🤍 #kawasaki #z900rs #shad

SHAD SH58X Top Case


The full review with all the details is here: 🤍

How to mount a SHAD Top Case SH58X or SH59X On a 2020+ S1000XR


How to mount a SHAD Top Case SH58X or SH59X On a 2020+ S1000XR This instruction video shows you how to mount a 🤍SHAD USA top case, 🤍SH58X or 🤍SH59X on your 2020-2022 🤍BMW Motorrad USA M package motorrad/motorcycle S 1000 XR. In order to mount the top case mounting plate or top case carrier on your BMW luggage grid, you need a mounting plate adapter, which can be purchase from SHAD too, the part # is W0SX10ST. 1. You need to remove the BMW top case carrier (If you had one installed) 2. Mount the mounting plate adapter from SHAD using the supplied hardware. 3. Mount the top case mounting plate using the supplied hardware 4. Place the mountain plate cover and screw the 4 screws in. 02:00 The top case mounting plate adapter instruction can be found at 🤍 03:28 The top case mounting plate instruction can be found at 🤍 06:25 Mounting the top case My videos were shot using all or some of the follwoing tools: 2020 🤍BMW Motorrad USA S 1000 XR 🤍Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, 1080P 🤍30fps Joby Gorillapod 3K kit 🤍Feit Electric Heavy Duty LED Work Light 2000 Lumens Come montare un bauletto SHAD SH58X o SH59X su un S1000XR 2020-2022 So montieren Sie ein Shad Top Case SH58X oder SH59X auf einem 2020-2022 S1000xR Cómo montar un shad top funda sh58x o sh59x en un 2020-2022 S1000XR Comment monter une caisse supérieure SH58X ou SH59X sur un 2020-2022 S1000XR 2020-2022 S1000XRでシェイクトップケースSH58XまたはSH59Xをマウントする方法 Πώς να τοποθετήσετε μια σκιά επάνω θήκη SH58X ή SH59X σε ένα 2020-2022 S1000XR Questo video di istruzioni mostra come montare un custodia top shat, sh58x o sh59x sul tuo 2020-2022 BMW Motorrad / Motorcycle S 1000 xr. Per montare la piastra di montaggio in custodia in alto o il custodia in custodia in alto sulla griglia del bagaglio BMW, è necessario un adattatore di piastre di montaggio, che può essere acquistato anche da Shad, la parte # è W0SX10ST. Dieses Anweisungsvideo zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie einen Shad-Top-Fall, SH58X oder SH59X auf Ihrem 2020-2022 BMW Motorrad / Motorrad S 1000 XR montieren können. Um die obere Gehäuse-Montageplatte oder den oberen Fallträger auf Ihrem BMW-Gepäcknetz zu montieren, benötigen Sie einen Montageplattenadapter, der auch von Shad erkundet, der TEIL # ist W0SX10ST. Este video de instrucciones le muestra cómo montar un shad top funda, sh58x o sh59x en su 2020-2022 BMW Motorrad / Motorcycle S 1000 XR. Para montar la placa de montaje superior de la caja o el portador superior de la caja en su cuadrícula de equipaje BMW, necesita un adaptador de placa de montaje, que también se puede comprar desde SHAD, la parte # es W0SX10ST. Cette vidéo d'instructions vous indique comment monter un boîtier supérieur, SH58X ou SH59X sur votre 2020-2022 BMW Motorrad / Motorcycle S 1000 XR. Afin de monter la plaque de montage du boîtier supérieur ou le support de boîtier supérieur de votre réseau BMW Bagage, vous avez besoin d'un adaptateur de plaque de montage, qui peut être acheté à partir de Shad, le numéro de la pièce est W0SX10ST. この命令ビデオは、2020-2022 BMW Motorrad / MotorCycle S 1000 XRでシェイトトップケース、SH58X、またはSH59Xをマウントする方法を示しています。 BMW荷物グリッドに上部ケース取付板またはトップケースキャリアを取り付けるためには、シェードから購入可能な取り付けプレートアダプタが必要です。その部分#はW0SX10STです。 Αυτό το βίντεο οδηγιών σας δείχνει πώς να τοποθετήσετε μια σκιά επάνω θήκη, SH58X ή SH59X στο 2020-2022 BMW Motorrad / Μοτοσικλέτα S 1000 XR. Προκειμένου να τοποθετήσετε την κορυφαία πλάκα τοποθέτησης ή επάνω θήκη στο πλέγμα αποσκευών BMW, χρειάζεστε έναν προσαρμογέα πλάκας τοποθέτησης, η οποία μπορεί να αγοράσει από τη Shad, το τμήμα # είναι w0sx10st.

SHAD top case SH58X in size Large medium & Small configurations


How does the SHAD SH58x or SH59X look like in its 3 different configuration Large 58 liter, medium 46 liter, and small 42 liter. Full installation video can be found at 🤍

HONDA Africa Twin loaded with SHAD cases


I travel the world to make videos with motorcycles

Shad Terra: top case-aluminium 2020


Cette vidéo est consacrée à la grande nouveauté Shad 2020, le top-case aluminium Terra. IxteMovie est une série qui souhaite vous présenter un beau produit en le filmant bien. Il y a un effort au niveau du tournage (on était sur le terrain à 6h pour une lumière idéale) et les explications du commercial de la marque permettent de bien connaître le produit en quelques minutes. Si vous aimez, n'hésitez pas à liker et à nous le dire en commentaire. Nous sommes aussi à votre écoute pour toute suggestion visant à améliorer la qualité de nos reportages. Bien sûr, posez toutes vos questions en commentaire, nous y répondrons avec plaisir. - Voir la gamme top-case Shad Terra sur notre site : 🤍 - ► Abonnez-vous à notre chaîne ici: 🤍 - ► Soyez les premiers informés des nouveautés et des exclusivités du marché de l'équipement moto en vous abonnant à notre newsletter: 🤍 Ixtem-Moto, une équipe de motards, des conseils, de la transparence, un SAV sublime, 400 marques et beaucoup de passion. Jetez un oeil à notre blog 🤍, la moto dans tous ses états, pour nos tests produits, nos interviews, nos reportages. Notre objectif est de fournir à la communauté du 2 roues toutes les informations nécessaires pour vivre la moto à 100%. - - - On aimerait vraiment garder le contact avec vous sur les réseaux sociaux. Vous nous trouvez ici: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Ixtem Moto: 🤍

SHAD SH59X Top Case - Full Installation Guide & Presentation (Honda NC750X)


SHAD SH59X Top Case - Full Installation Guide & Presentation You can use this guide to completely intall the Shad SH59X Top Case and also the Shad SH59X Back - Rest. #shad, #sh59X, #nc750x Expandable Concept The SH59X is a motorcycle top case unique in the market. Its innovative design allows its loading volume to be regulated in up to 3 different positions in a matter of seconds (46, 52 and 59 litres), which allows to carry 2 enduro helmets without having to put them to the side, plus travel accessories. It also has internal holding straps to ensure that the load doesn’t move. The top cover of the top case is made in 0.8mm thick aluminium and the rest is made of reinforced polypropylene. Its structural frame guarantees high rigidity and resistance with minimum weight. It offers the possibility to include, as an accessory, and expandable internal bag (X0IB10). It has a top opening, an external pocket for direct access and it is reinforced with an internal foam to protect the contents from any hit. It also has a strap and a handle to make it easier to carry it. In this way, the internal bag makes it easier to transport your belongings without having to extract the top case. It offers maximum security thanks to its innovative hermetic lock “Smart Lock System”, with automatic retractable handle and a hermetic lock in 3 positions. This system allows to keep the top case open without the possibility to extract it, and it can be open and closed without key, so that it only needs the key to block it. It can be open with only one hand. The cutting-edge technology and the innovative design of the eXpandible case earned the prestigious Reddot Design Award 2017, a reference among designers and manufacturers. The patented system that regulates the SH59X volume, allowing to expand or reduce its size, turns it into a highly functional and practical case, that adapts itself to the motorcyclist needs at all times: - Size L: offers a 46L volume, perfect to transport everything you need every day. - Size XL: In the second level, it reaches 52L, very useful for short weekend escapades. With capacity to hold two full-face helmets. - Size XXL: it reaches a 59L volume, enough to carry everything you need for that amazing adventure you have been dreaming about for so long. With capacity to hold two endure helmets. As optional accessories, we also have a double backrest and braking light. The backrest (D0RI80) has two pieces, made with two layers of polyurethane foam, covered in synthetic leather with two textures, which guarantees total comfort for the passenger. The braking light (D0B29KL) is made with energy-saving leds and it is very easy to install, as it is fit in the lower part of the top case’s base. This increases security, as the bike is more visible from behind. The aluminium eXpandible SH59X is perfect to combine with road and mountain trails (Trail Adventure), due to its exclusive aluminium finish, matching the new SH35 side cases with aluminium finish. 🔴Check out this links: Shad D0B59200 Expandable TOP CASE SH59X Aluminium by SHAD 🤍 SHAD D0B59100 Expandable Top Case SH59X, Aluminium, Normal by NAD, S.L 🤍 SHAD D0RI80 SH58X/SH59X BACKREST, Black, Unisex 🤍 SHAD X0IB10 Expandable Inner Bag for SH58X and SH59X, Black by NAD, S.L 🤍 SPARE PART - SHAD MANIGLIA FOR TOP CASE SH58X SH59X WITH KEY by SHAD 🤍 ✅Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Shad Backrest Installation: 🤍 🔴It would be AWESOME if you could show your support by both watching my videos and subscribing to my channel if you have not already done so. Monetizing my videos allows me to invest back into the channel with new equipment so a small gesture from you goes a huge way for me. Many thanks for your support ! 🤍 🔴You can follow me on INSTAGRAM: 🤍 🔴IDEAL BIKE CHANNEL 🤍 Do you want to have a partnership? Maybe. idealbike2018🤍

SHAD SH23 Side Case


SHAD SH23 Side Case

SHAD TERRA Aluminium Cases


At SHAD we invite you to experience adventure with TERRA, the new range of aluminium cases. Designed, engineered and made 100% in Barcelona, they are the perfect partner to explore any terrain with the maximum capacity, comfort and safety for your gear.

Shad 3P + SH23


We're finally getting close to riding season. I am already planning a motorcycle trip for this summer. (I just hope that the current COVID-19 situation gets cleared up before then.) I am definitely looking forward to having the extra space and security that these Shad SH23 hard bags will provide. Motorcycle shown is a 2018 Honda CB650F. I will respond to any comment or question left below. Thank you. Follow me on Instagram for updates: 🤍

Shad SH45 Topcase Backrest Installation


This backrest doesn't come with topcase. I bought the backrest 2 year after I installed topcase on my bike. This is an amateur installation video for who consider buying it. Thank for watching.

Top-case SHAD TERRA de 48 litros, ¿caben 2 cascos?


En esta review interactiva sabrás TODO acerca de las maletas de aluminio del fabricante español SHAD. Unboxing, instalación, accesorios y opiníon tras 1 año de uso. 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 Contenido disponible 1️⃣ Intro 🤍 2️⃣ Top Case 🤍 3️⃣ Maletas 🤍 4️⃣ Sobredepósito 🤍 5️⃣ Opinión tras 1 año 🤍 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺 = OFERTAS ATLANTIS MOTO 2021 🤍 = PATROCINADORES DEL CANAL Mi taller de confianza: 🤍 Localizador antirobo: 🤍 = COLABORADORES DEL CANAL Roadbook: 🤍 Equipación: 🤍 Maletas para la moto: 🤍 = MUSICAS USADAS EPIDEMIC SOUND, 1 mes gratis aquí 👉 🤍 = MI EQUIPO DE GRABACIÓN Mis cámaras: - Canon G7X MarkII 🤍 - Drift Ghost 4K 🤍 - Insta360 OneX2: 🤍 / 🤍 - Ampliación bateria Drift 🤍 - Carcasa agua Drifht Ghost 4k 🤍 - Adaptador microfono Drift acodado 🤍 - Webcam Logitech C920 🤍 Mis microfonos: - Microfono Blue Yeti USB 🤍 - del casco FONESTAR FDM621 🤍 - de solapa BOYA 🤍 - grabadora ZOOM H1N 🤍 Mi Dron: - DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More: 🤍 Mis navegadores: - Garmin Zumo 396 🤍 - TomTom Rider 550 Premium Pack 🤍 - TwoNav AVentura 2 Motor 🤍 Mi intercomunicador: - Cardo PackTalk Bold duo: 🤍 Otro material, equipación y mucho mas en: Tienda: 🤍 = MIS REDES SOCIALES Sigueme en: - Youtube: 🤍 - Web: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - Twitch: 🤍 = MIS RUTAS = Consulta y bajate mis rutas en Wikiloc: 🤍

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