Lara vs O'Sullivan FULL FIGHT: May 28, 2022 | PBC on Showtime PPV

Premier Boxing Champions

Premier Boxing Champions

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Two-division world champion Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara defended his WBA Middleweight Title against hard-hitting Irish crowd-pleaser Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan with a RD8 TKO. In the co-main event, Cuban star Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara (29-3-3, 17 KOs) dominated Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan (31-5, 21 KOs) to retain his WBA Middleweight Title via an eighth-round TKO. A two-division champion who landed 54% of his power punches in the bout, Lara waited patiently for his opening against the aggressive O’Sullivan, and broke through for the first time late in round four. He sent O’Sullivan down in the closing moments of the round with a blistering counter left hand that hurt him before dropping him with a straight right hand. “This new style that I’m demonstrating is for all the boxers to show them how I can fight now, just being able to change up,” said Lara. “He was a tough boxer, too. I’m a smart boxer, a slick boxer, that’s what I did tonight. I waited until he attacked and then I did what I had to do to win the fight.” O’Sullivan was again saved by the bell in round five, as Lara hurt him as the round waned with a right hook-straight left combination. Showing the precision that has made him renowned as one of the sport’s most skilled fighters for years, Lara struck again at the end of round seven, wobbling O’Sullivan severely moments before the bell rang. After receiving attention from the ringside physician before round eight, O’Sullivan ran into another straight left hand from Lara early in the round, prompting referee Benjy Esteves to waive off the bout 23 seconds into the frame. “I saw the opening, he was leaving himself open and that’s when the left came in and knocked him down,” said Lara. “I saw in the eighth round he didn’t have any more power and that’s when I stepped up and showed my power.” #ErislandyLara #LaraOSullivan #GaryOSullivan Visit for more info. SIGN UP FOR FIGHT ALERTS: 🤍 FOLLOW US: 🤍 🤍 🤍🤍

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Lara vs O'Sullivan FULL FIGHT: May 28, 2022 | PBC on Showtime PPV
Lara vs O'Sullivan FULL FIGHT: May 28, 2022 | PBC on Showtime PPV
Lara vs O'Sullivan FULL FIGHT: May 28, 2022 | PBC on Showtime PPV
Lara vs O'Sullivan FULL FIGHT: May 28, 2022 | PBC on Showtime PPV
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Комментарии пользователей:
Samuel Attias
2023-08-22 22:22:39

Boxing Up

Nipa Saano
2023-08-19 01:06:35

This old man is very strong

Arnel Ren
2023-08-16 04:06:20

4S1puQxGlT0&t=0m37s 0:37

Jorcy Cordero
2023-08-15 18:31:44

Quisira ver la rebancha de lara con en canelo y voy a LARA

Kozmic Kreation
2023-07-23 22:25:57

Floyd mayweather wanted no smoke from lara he ducked him

Perfect Blue
2023-07-12 15:43:16

Ahaha what kind of mustache is that?? 😂 but its awesome

Sumio Endo
2023-07-06 22:38:12

Lara tiene una recta como pocos la tiran en el mundo.Letal,también lo acompaña un movimiento de torso que lo favorece en la pegada.Ya a Sullivan lo había salvado la campana.🤛👊🇺🇸🇨🇺

2023-06-11 23:38:12

Lara beat canelo

2023-06-07 02:36:26

Thumbnails be spoiling.

john conn
2023-06-06 23:01:45

Terrible corner for Spike - “fuck your eardrum, fuck your eye. It’s a world title fight”

Julio Yaguedú
2023-06-06 17:28:07

Que pasó?

Bea Anne calayag
2023-06-06 00:46:01

4S1puQxGlT0&t=27m37s 27:37 😂

2023-06-05 02:24:44

This guy talked so much smack about KOing Lara. He was almost completely ineffective. I’m glad he was embarrassed this way.

2023-06-03 13:32:26


Spirit Jaliyaa
2023-06-03 00:49:05

Do you all understand that a great deal of top 154 pounders still won't fight Lara? He's too much for young up and coming fighters and he still makes the top fighters look bad stylistically. So he's fighting whoever is willing to get in front of him. We know that he has never ran from anyone.

Marcelo Minda
2023-06-01 19:52:22

Que pelea más aburrida pésimo boxeo de ambos. Tenían pereza hasta para lanzar un golpe.

Armando Fierro
2023-06-01 05:22:31

Ryan Garcia pussed out

Eliecer Almaguer
2023-06-01 02:51:54

Definitivamente Lara se retirará como el 98% de los boxeadores cubanos sin aprender que existe la zona baja el tórax y el dorso del cuerpo solo atacan a la cabeza del oponente.

Jahmaro Thompson
2023-06-01 02:07:15

Lara fights lazy he doesn't have the killer instinct.

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