Pioneer AMP ERROR (How to fix) a troubleshooting guide

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So if you have a pioneer head unit and are getting the pioneer amp error this will give you the info you need on how to trouble shoot the issue and find out what is causing this and if you need a new head unit or not.

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Pioneer AMP ERROR  (How to fix) a troubleshooting guide
Pioneer AMP ERROR  (How to fix) a troubleshooting guide
Pioneer AMP ERROR  (How to fix) a troubleshooting guide
Pioneer AMP ERROR  (How to fix) a troubleshooting guide
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2023-09-30 16:19:44

Eu comprei um desse aí e não tá aceitando o pen-drive fica só pedindo verif USB como faço pra ele aceitar o pen-drive

2023-09-16 03:05:25

What if you are not hearing anything at all what do you then

2023-09-13 17:40:06

Thanks for the info❤❤

2023-07-13 16:24:07

hello my name is robert I'm getting the amp error on my pioneer mhvs21bt, I have checked the wires to my aftermarket door speakers and they are fine on both sides but I get no sound from them, yet I get sound from my sub. I checked the headunit and no burning smell or anything. plz help if you can

2023-06-13 22:51:30

this was happening to me. i have a high voltage system and my fuse blew without me knowing. my music stopped working and once i replaced the fuse and charged the batteries it never had an error again. so i assuming it has the same effect on the amp in the radio when your voltage is too low. it’s trying to draw power it doesn’t have and therefore shuts off. that’s what happened with mine.

2022-11-14 03:18:10

Useless aashole

2022-08-29 10:35:09

Great video

2022-08-19 17:21:42

so, I have done the trouble shooting with the cars speakers, still get the message, Amp Error!

2022-07-18 01:30:08

My amplifier error only came on after 15 to 20 minutes so I'm thinking what has happened I ran 3 4ohm tweeters on a 2ohm amplifier it only started when I did it want to say it is a speaker over load when I turned the volume up that's when the amp error occurs I will try it out with just a 2ohm load

2022-04-29 20:05:29

So I was hooking up my subs last night. I had everything else hooked up right but when I went to hook the ground wire up from the amp, the radio just cut out and it said amp error on my radio. Do you know what it could be?

2022-03-31 21:25:00

I been having this problem and replaced all the speaker wire put new sub wires in and its still not working and i just put the pioneer radio in today i have q speaker popping in the back could that be it? Oh and the suns work too just the car speakers dont work and i checked all the wires with a multimeter and there fine like all the speakers but just no sounds

2021-11-09 16:32:16

Bro where you located at?

2021-08-29 03:08:33

Thanks for this. Been at it for like 6 hours and finally removed all the speaker wires coming out the head unit. Still got the amp error. Need to fix or get a new head unit.

2021-08-25 03:22:35

My head unit is brand new and if I play a song with hella bass it does it

2021-08-11 02:58:57

I’ve had my radio for over a year now and all of a sudden one day I hit the break and I noticed a heavy static and once I let of it was fine I checked if wires were getting pinched behind the peddles and it won’ day I go to play my speakers and they wouldn’t play and it was some static hear and there but no sound in any of my 4 speakers my subs play fine but after a little bit with the radio trying to play it shows a amp error..I thought it was a ground issue so I cut the ground and made a new ground and is doing the same thing..any ideas on what to do?

2021-07-01 17:36:50

What about if. The speaker is. Cross up. Can that happen

2021-05-23 23:52:20

So the amp error on a mvh-312 could just be a result of a bad speaker ?

2021-05-09 05:49:31

Me salio eso.. AMP ERROR... era una terminal de una bocina haciendo tierra...

2021-02-09 23:18:30

This video was actually very helpful! It turns out the screw from one of the expansion clips from my trim cable found it’s way to a speaker wire and that was enough to cause that issue

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