Why I Don't Not Like Premier Boxing Champions!!!

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Why I Don't Not Like Premier Boxing Champions!!!
Why I Don't Not Like Premier Boxing Champions!!!
Why I Don't Not Like Premier Boxing Champions!!!
Why I Don't Not Like Premier Boxing Champions!!!
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David Cadena
2023-02-03 06:03:39

What's worse is that AL Haymon refuses to address the boxing media, refuse to address the fight fans. Refuses to be front and center for HIS promotional company. We see Bob Arum, we see Eddie Hearn, we see Oscar De LA Hoya, we even see Floyd Mayweather. But we never see Haymon. That may work in the music industry, but it will never work in boxing. Don King wasn't the first, but he was the best at promotions, and he was always front and center. Yes, I know, he wasn't without controversy and yes, I know he took money from his fighters. But he promoted legendary fights, from Ali to Tyson. LEGENDARY!!

Real Talk Boxing
2023-02-03 05:49:57

PBC have teamed up with WBC to fuck over boxing as much as possible. I’m willing to argue with anyone

2023-02-03 02:05:35

You are spot on with the floyd vs. manny fight, fmj didn't want to fight manny at all, but showtime forced the issue.

Troy Mac
2023-02-02 20:46:48

The pbc apologist stream the ppvs and don’t even pay for the ppv’s. They don’t even support pbc when it counts since their ppv numbers are so low.

Classic Checo
2023-02-02 19:32:40

CJ been ducking me for year on throwing hands

Nate Johnson
2023-02-02 18:13:58

Stream boxing, problem

Rod Rodriguez
2023-02-02 17:44:25

PBC fan boys equals, Little Dick Boxing Community!!

G. Benson
2023-02-02 17:41:16

I agree...PBC is just as corrupt as Golden Boy and Top Rank. Boxing is a cesspool of corruption & that's why it's a struggling, dying sport.

Eliezer Feliciano
2023-02-02 17:26:10


2023-02-02 17:25:12

I guarantee he's the reason charlos not fighting

Jose Treto
2023-02-02 17:20:45

I agree with you 💯 I'm 43 years old and I'm tired of this Sh--!! That Earl Spence Keith Thurman? How is Thurman ranked #1 for beating Mario barrios when he just came off a loss with tank ! Let me guess its a pbc in house fight there going to try to keep the money in house .

2023-02-02 16:46:18

🗣 With [THEY] Moist Selves Huh 🍿

2023-02-02 16:30:57

You can’t be a boxing fan and condone what PBC is doing to the sport

Music International Ras
2023-02-02 16:23:39

Tell them like it is bro!

2023-02-02 16:23:01

"You don't like PPV because you broke LmAo" - Haymonites

2023-02-02 16:08:58

PBC is a joke

2023-02-02 15:35:40

That that sh!# I don't like..

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