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What Will Happen If You Eat 20 Almonds Every Day?


How to Improve Your Health and Appearance Naturally Scientists have proved that regular consumption of seeds and nuts, including almonds, is incredibly good for your health and appearance. How much of those is enough to stay young and healthy? What will happen if you actually start eating them every day – will it have more benefits or dangers for your health? The health benefits of almonds 0:46 Countless studies have shown that these nuts not only normalize lipid levels in the blood, they also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes. Almonds are a true miracle for helping you lose weight as well since they lower the level of fat in the body. How flax, sesame and pumpkin seeds are good for you 1:56 Flax seeds are great for your health because their chemical composition basically multitasks at improving all kinds of bodily systems at once. The chemical composition of sesame seeds decreases blood pressure, effectively preventing stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. Pumpkin seeds contain a huge amount of arginine, which helps dilate the blood vessels, thus, improving circulation and preventing hypertension. The health benefits of walnuts 3:57 The minerals contained in walnuts lower the risk of developing both cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. Plus, they have a natural chemical called tocopherol, which is highly effective at minimizing symptoms associated with age-related disorders and protecting men from prostate cancer. Why sunflower seeds are good for you 4:34 Sunflower seeds effectively prevent bronchial and lung infections because of their antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. If you wanna get in on all these health-boosting benefits, just make it a habit to consume one ounce of sunflower seeds every single day. How to stay healthy with pistachios and cashews 5:08 Snacking on pistachios can help you feel full longer, which makes them great for weight control. Cashews are full of iron, which is a must-have to prevent anemia. Plus, they can really help diabetics stabilize their blood-sugar levels. Music: Rondo Brothers - Honeybar Otis McDonald - Minneapolis 🤍 TIMESTAMPS The health benefits of almonds 0:46 Flax seeds 1:56 Sesame seeds 2:43 Pumpkin seeds 3:20 Walnuts 3:57 Sunflower seeds 4:34 Pistachios 5:08 Cashews 5:49 Hazelnuts 6:30 Peanuts 7:14 Brazil nuts 7:56 Pecans 8:35 Chia seeds 9:18 SUMMARY -Experts recommend eating just 20 almonds a day between meals to help you lose weight and normalize lipid levels in the blood. -One tablespoon of mashed flax seeds contains nearly 2 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, which keep your cardiovascular system in tip-top shape. -Sesame seeds contain a ton of special antioxidants that significantly reduce high cholesterol and oils that improve the condition of your skin, hair, and nails. -Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamins A and E, which are essential for maintaining skin elasticity. -The minerals contained in walnuts lower the risk of developing both cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. -Sunflower seeds contain sulfur-rich proteins that are proven to be extremely good for your muscle- and bone tissue. -Snacking on pistachios can help you feel full longer, which makes them great for weight control. -The anti-inflammatory effect of cashews strengthens the immune system and protects the body from the flu virus. -The abundance of vitamin B contained in hazelnuts helps make bones and muscles stronger and gives the immune system a welcomed boost. -The polyphenol in peanuts protects the cells of the body from harmful free radicals, helping us stay young longer. -Thanks to their large amounts of fiber and the cleaning effect they have on the intestines, Brazil nuts significantly improve digestion. -The vitamin E in pecans serves to protect the body from the harmful effects of environmental factors like solar radiation. -The omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in pecans work wonders on the heart and blood vessels, lowering cholesterol and preventing clots from forming. Subscribe to Bright Side : 🤍 Our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: 🤍 For more videos and articles visit: 🤍

Top 5 Benefits of Eating Almonds / Why You Should Be Eating Them


Top 5 Benefits of Eating Almonds / Why You Should Be Eating Them The health benefits of almonds is impressive, so in this video, I pick my top 5 almond benefits you need to know about. #1 - Eating Almonds for Brain Health - Almonds are one of the best foods for brain health as they are high in Vitamin E, which has been known to improve cognitive performance. #2 Eating Almonds to Lower Cholesterol - Almonds are high in unsaturated fat, which lower your LDL and increase your HDL. Almonds are also high in monounsaturated fats and contain antioxidant flavonoids, which can help with the health of your heart and arteries. #3 Almonds for Weight Loss - The health benefits of almonds for weight loss in pretty simple. They are low in carbohydrates and high in both fiber and protein. This combination can help you feel full longer and eat less calories. However, they are high in calories. So be sure you don't eat too many. #4 The Facts About Almonds and Nutrition - The almonds nutrition facts are great, as they are loaded vitamins and minerals that many people who are eating a typical standard American Diet may not be consuming enough of, including fiber, magnesium and Vitamin E. #5 Almonds Can Help Regulate Your Blood Sugar - Almonds are high in fiber, healthy fats and protein, which can help slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream, making them a great option for people concerned about this. CHOLESTEROL VIDEO: 🤍 DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EBOOK "10 HACKS TO EAT HEALTHIER": 🤍 DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE SMOOTHIE GUIDE: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL: 🤍 FIT FROM FOOD APPAREL: 🤍 CONNECT WITH VINCE * WEBSITE: 🤍 * INSTAGRAM: 🤍 * TWITTER: 🤍 * FACEBOOK: 🤍 * SNAPCHAT: thevincelia Music: Cold Funk - Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍

How It's Made: Almonds


Learn how almonds are shelled and processed for packaging. Stream Full Episodes of How It's Made: 🤍 Subscribe to Science Channel: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍

What is the best way to eat almonds? - Ms. Ranjani Raman


Almonds are nutritionally packed and should be taken regularly for maximum benefit. They are rich in healthy fats, protein, fiber, minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium etc. However to ensure that these nutrients are absorbed properly we have to take them in the soaked form overnight for about 8 to 12 hours, as they contain a compound called as tannins which are inhibitors, which inhibit the nutrient absorption. Apart from this, when the almonds are soaked they release an enzyme called as lipase, which helps in the digestion of fats, thereby resulting in a better digestion. Soaked almonds help in regulating blood pressure, diabetes and also helps in reducing your cholesterol levels. They are also rich in insoluble fibers. Thereby helps in preventing constipation. Also their folic acid level helps in maintaining a better nervous system and when consumed during pregnancy, helps in the good development of the fetus. Hence soaked almonds are much higher in terms of nutrient availability.

What'll Happen If You Eat 4 Almonds Every Day


Almonds have been popular in the diets of ancient Indians and Egyptians. This nut is a very healthy snack as it contains many minerals and vitamins that you need: they are rich in magnesium, vitamin B, protein, and amino acids. Today Bright Side would like to tell you of 7 positive changes that occur if you eat these nuts every day. All you need to do is just eat four almonds a day, and your body will transform in an amazing way in almost no time! Did you know that almonds can even prevent some types of cancer? Watch till the end to see how. Other videos you might like: What Will Happen If You Eat Nothing for 7 Days 🤍 If You Eat an Avocado a Day For a Month, Here's What Will Happen to You 🤍 What Will Happen If You Start Eating Oats Every Day 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: Help you lose weight 0:48 Boost your brain activity 1:18 Skincare 1:51 Reduce heart attack risk 2:15 Make your bones strong 2:48 Lower bad cholesterol 3:16 Help feel better during pregnancy 3:44 Reduce the risk of cancer 4:06 Music by Epidemic Sound 🤍 SUMMARY: - According to a recent study, almonds reduce hunger and desire to eat later in the day, so eating almonds is an easy way to reduce your overall calorie intake! - Almonds are the source of many nutrients that help in the development of the brain. Almonds contain amino acids and oils, which help your brain maintain concentration. - Being one of the most powerful antioxidants; almonds prevent the cells of your body against premature aging. - A recent study has shown that those who consume almonds five times a week have a 50% less chance to get a heart attack. - Almonds are a source of calcium, which prevents osteoporosis and strengthens your bones, teeth, and muscles. Also, these nuts contain magnesium and potassium, which are essential for healthy bones as well. - Almonds are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats and some polyunsaturated fats that help reduce bad cholesterol. - In case you are pregnant, you should eat a few almonds every day as vitamin E is necessary for a woman during the pregnancy period. - Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin B and flavonoids that lessen the risk of breast cancer. Also, these nuts are rich in boron, which helps prevent prostate cancer. Subscribe to Bright Side : 🤍 For copyright matters please contact us at: welcome🤍 Our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: 🤍  For more videos and articles visit: 🤍

Dr. Joe Schwarcz: The truth about almonds and cyanide


Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society, on the connection between almonds and cyanide.

17 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Almonds Every Day


From reducing cholesterol to moisturizing skin and protecting the heart from diseases and more, today we will be talking about the powerful health benefits of almonds. Other videos recommended for you: WATCH 🎥: Eating Almonds Every Day For A Week Will Do This To Your Body - 🤍 WATCH 🎥: 6 Nuts You Should Be Eating And 6 You Shouldn't - 🤍 Medical Disclaimer: 🤍 #AlmondBenefits #Almonds #Bestie Sources: 🤍 Timestamps: Intro - 0:00 1. Regulates Blood Sugar - 00:31 2. Reduces Cholesterol - 01:02 3. Improves Digestion - 01:23 4. Reduces Weight - 01:49 5. Improves Eye Health - 02:16 6. Prevents Certain Cancers - 02:35 7. Moisturises Skin - 02:56 8. Protects Heart From Diseases - 03:18 9. Makes Dull Hair Shine - 03:42 10. Lowers Blood Pressure - 04:09 11. Gets Rid Of Unhealthy Cravings - 04:35 12. Improves Brain Power - 04:59 13. Treats Acne and Blackheads - 05:17 14. Increases Nutrient absorption - 05:53 15. Prevents Grey Hair - 06:18 16. Treats Anemia - 06:45 17. Good For Bones - 07:07 18. How To Include Almonds In Your Diet - 07:31 Music: 🤍 🤍 Summary: 1. Regulates Blood Sugar Almonds are one of the best diabetes friendly nuts. Being low in carbs and high in healthy fats, fiber and amino acids, eating 2 or 3 of them everyday reduces the rise of glucose and insulin levels after meals. Did you know that diabetics suffer from magnesium deficiency which eating almonds will compensate for? An almond rich diet improves insulin sensitivity and fasting blood sugar. 2. Reduces Cholesterol High cholesterol means higher chance of developing heart disease. Almonds are packed with fatty acids that lowers bad cholesterol levels. Adding a handful of chopped almonds to a salad will not affect the beneficial good cholesterol. Almonds and almond milk also contain Vitamin E that stops the oxidation process. 3. Improves Digestion Soaked or not, almonds are always a good idea if you are looking for ways to improve digestion. They help the smooth functioning of the digestive tract, preventing constipation. It even promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. 4. Reduces Weight Weight Loss is a never ending saga. One of the keys is to increase the protein intake while reducing carbs. Almonds fall under the category of high protein food and adding them to your meals, will help you meet your weight loss goals. For more information, please watch the video until the very end. Subscribe to Bestie : 🤍 Our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Almonds Harvest - The Bush Bee Man


In this episode of The Bush Bee Man, Mark shows us how almond harvest. If you would like to buy some honey check out: 🤍 If you would like to support us: 🤍 THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING PATRONS: Matt Barber Jack West Shannen Finnerty Shuqian Hon Trisha Dactyl Produced and Directed by John deCaux Executive Producer: Mark deCaux Equipment I use to film these videos: Canon 5D mk II: 🤍 Rode microphone: 🤍 Zoom H5: 🤍 Weber BBQ: 🤍 Follow us for more at: Facebook: 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Setting up a Queen Rearing System Cultivating Box | The Bush Bee Man" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Almonds for Weight Loss; Benefits of Almonds in Hindi; Almonds Health Benefits; बादाम खाने के फायदे


Almonds for Weight Loss; Benefits of Almonds in Hindi; Almonds Health Benefits; बादाम खाने के फायदे #BenefitsOfAlmonds #Almonds #IndiaNews For More Information visit us: 🤍 Connect with us on Social platform at 🤍 Connect with us on Social platform at 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Almonds for Weight Loss, Almonds Weight Loss, Weight Loss Almonds, Almonds, Almonds benefits, Benefits Almonds, Benefits of Almonds in Hindi, Benefits of Almonds Hindi, Benefits of Almonds, Benefits of having Almonds, Benefits having Almonds, Having Almonds Benefits, Almonds Health Benefits, Almonds Benefits, Health Benefits Almonds, Health Benefits Almond, बादाम खाने के फायदे, फायदे बादाम खाने के, बादाम खाने, बादाम के फायदे, बादाम फायदे, India News,

LIVE IT: Lose Weight with Avocados and Almonds


When trying to lose weight, the emphasis tends to be on what you should not eat. However, instead ask yourself “what should I eat?” The answer? Avocados and almonds. 🤍 Join the conversation and use #LiveItLomaLinda #almonds #avocado Transcript Below: Show Open Patricia Kelikani (Host) Health Journalist With two-thirds of our population either overweight or obese, the emphasis tends to be on what you should not eat. However, when it comes to losing weight, instead ask yourself “what should I eat?” Dr. Mark Reeves (Host) Surgical Oncologist Obesity is a huge problem in America. It increases one’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer and the list goes on. Patricia Kelikani (Host) So let’s focus on two foods that we should eat if we want to lose weight—avocados and almonds. Dr. Mark Reeves (Host) Researchers added half of an avocado to the subjects’ lunch meals and found that they felt fuller over a longer period of time and had less of a desire to eat. Not only that, but their insulin levels decreased after the meal. Dr. Ella Haddad LLU Associate Professor of Nutrition A lot of people think that because avocados are high in fat that they are fattening. But that is not necessarily so, because higher fat foods help you feel full.” Patricia Kelikani (Host) You see, avocados contain monounsaturated fat; it’s a healthy type of fat that our bodies need to reduce LDLs, that’s the bad cholesterol in our blood. Dr. Mark Reeves (Host) This fruit also contains 20 vitamins and minerals. And almonds have a similar effect. The high protein, high fat, and high fiber content in these nuts help us feel more full. Patricia Kelikani (Host) In fact, a researcher found in a weight control program that those who ate almonds as a snack had longer and better sustained weight reduction than those in the popcorn group. The study also found that people do not gain weight by eating a handful of almonds every day. But more than losing weight, it’s what these foods do to help combat the negative health effects of obesity. So how should we incorporate avocados and almonds into our daily diet? Dr. Ella Haddad My recommendation would be about half an avocado. So, to substitute that too for maybe some of the butter, or the high fat cheese that is usually consumed at meal times. Dr. Mark Reeves (Host) And, for almonds, eat a handful a day. You can also substitute it for saturated fats like cheese and meat for added health benefits. Patricia Kelikani (Host) Liven up your diet by being creative with these foods. Instead of putting butter on your toast, top it with almond butter or avocado. You can even make a delicious avocado shake with almond milk. For a healthier take on dessert, make chocolate pudding with avocado instead of the dairy. Then top it with slivered almonds. There’s your tip for the day… Dr. Mark Reeves (Host) … on how you can live healthier, longer. All health and health-related information contained in this program is general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a health care professional. Viewers should consult their health care providers concerning any medical condition or treatment.

Exactly How Many Almonds You Should Eat Per Day


My Hindi you tube channel 🤍 Exactly How Many Almonds You Should Eat Per Day #Almonds #howmanyalmondsperday #benefitsofalmonds #homeremedies #naturaltreatment #toomanyalmonds #badalmonds

Does cyanide actually smell like almonds?


Go to 🤍 for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon - NOTE 1: I've attached a link below that covers some basic safety information about cyanide and how it was carefully handled when making this video. NOTE 2: I have revised my opinion about what it smells like. In the video, I said it was like an indoor pool and I correlated it to the chlorine. However, I think it's more accurate to say the pool locker room or shower. It is musty/moldy, with a background of pool smell. NOTE 3: After posting this video, I got a few messages from people saying that in their experience, cyanide DOES smell like almonds. So, I spent an hour tonight doing some tests, and I think the results are interesting. I did some direct comparisons and the smell of cyanide is distinctly different from the smell of almonds. However, if I EAT the almonds, there is sometimes a faint taste of cyanide. I think this is because sweet almonds still have a very small amount of amygdalin in them, which can release HCN. I don't think it's enough to smell in open air, but in your mouth it can be concentrated enough to be detected at the back of the nose. It's subtle, but it is definitely part of the flavor profile. So, while I still don't think it's accurate to say that it smells like almonds, for some people, it might be similar to the taste. To make that connection though, the person needs to a) be able to smell HCN and b) be particularly aware of that part of the flavor. I can smell the HCN, but I never noticed it in the flavor of almonds, so I didn't make the connection. I was even looking for a similarity and eating almonds at the same time, but never noticed it. It was only when I became very familiar with the smell of HCN that I started noticing it in almonds. What's interesting too, is that now after noticing it, I feel like I've started to associate the smell with almonds. It's no longer just a "chemical" smell and it feels more almondy. However, on the flip side, I feel like almonds taste worse and are more "chemically." But either way, I still don't think that saying it smells like almonds or bitter almonds is accurate or helpful. However, based on the messages I've received, some people are naturally associating cyanide with almonds (sometimes without knowing that this was even a thing and not even knowing they were smelling cyanide). This has piqued my interest and I think it could be fun to get to the bottom of this and to do a trial with a lot more people. Safety info about this video: 🤍 Nile talks about lab safety: 🤍 - • NileRed Store: 🤍 • Patreon: 🤍 • NileRed Newsletter: 🤍 - • Discord: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Snapchat: 🤍 • TikTok: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 - Music in credits (Walker by SORRYSINES): 🤍 -

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Almond Milk Every Day


Trending foods come and go, and many are wondering how long almond milk will be around. While almond milk is a great substitute for people with milk aversions, it can also be a good tasting alternative for those looking to switch things up in their daily coffee routine. However, almond milk isn’t just a trendy new drink. When comparing calories, almond milk has 56 calories less than even skim milk. Various brands also fortify their almond milk with additional vitamins and nutrients, making it quite a healthy trend. What happens to your body when you drink almond milk every day? Watch to find out. #AlmondMilk #Body #Drink Read Full Article: 🤍



#almonds #nuts #almondsbenefits ALMONDS बादाम क्यों एवं कैसे USE करें || WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO HAVE ALMONDS || विशेषज्ञ -डॉक्टर वी.के.मिश्रा (गैस्ट्रो एवं लिवर) || The Gastro Liver Hospital Kanpur || हॉस्पिटल में सम्पर्क करने के लिए इस नंबर पे बात करे :- 9956653103, 9793555775, 9793555776 Scientific facts with evidence THE GASTRO LIVER HOSPITAL :- 🤍 Dr. Vinod K.Mishra MBBS, MD, DM (Gastro) is a senior gastroenterologist , hepatologist, and endoscopist. He is an alumini of prestigious post graduate institute of medical education & research, (PGIMER) Chandigarh. He is a busy gastroenterologist performing about 1000 endoscopic procedures per month. He specializes in liver problems and all gastrointestinal diseases. He is trained in endoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, and endoscopic ultrasound.He has previously worked at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and Medical College, Jabalpur. He was President of UP chapter of Gastroenterology society. The GASTRO LIVER HOSPITAL, where he works is a gastroenterology and hepatology super speciality hospital. Hospital has MEDICAL,and SURGICAL wings. It has ICU and plenty of accommodation facilities of different levels. The hospital performs all complicated and advanced surgeries under team of very senior and experienced gastro surgeon . All laparoscopic and open surgeries done .Advanced operations as whipple’s preocedure and oespophageal replacement s are done regularly not to mention of routine surgeries.This is possibily the only centre in north india doing cholecystectomy with intra operative ERCP on regular basis for Gall Bladder stone and CBD stones.The endoscopy unit has following facilities • Endoscopy including multiband imaging. • Colonoscopy • ERCP • Endoscopic ultrasound. • Capsule endoscopy. • Hydrogen breath test. • Urea breath • Fibroscan for liver diseases. Currently he is working as Dr. Vinod K. Mishra MD, DM (Gastro) Chairman and Chief of Gastroenterology, Liver diseases and Endoscopy services at The Gastro Liver Hospital Swaroop Nagar Kanpur (UP), India For online appointment or consultation 🤍 for more information visit our website 🤍 for more information visit our Facebook 🤍 Equipment:- Camera :- 🤍 Collar mic :- 🤍 RGB light :- 🤍 Led Light :- 🤍 #livercirrhosisdiet #livercirrhosiscauses #livercirrhosistreatment #livercancertreatment #liverdiseasesymptoms #almondsbenefits #almondsduringpregnancy #almondsbenefitshindi #almondsbenafits #almondspowder #almondssideeffects

Health Benefits: Eating almonds daily reduces hairfall


Eating almonds daily reduces hairfall. Know health benefits of almonds.For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: 🤍 & 🤍 🔴Watch ABP News Live 24/7 🤍

How to soak almonds


Soaking almonds makes them more nutritious and easier to digest. It's easy - here are the simple steps. 🤍

California Almonds – The Gift of Good Health


This Diwali, keep your loved ones healthy by gifting them the goodness of almonds. #GiftOfGoodHealth

Soaked Almonds for Babies & Kids | हिन्दी | Benefits | Quantity |


Benefits of Soaked Almonds ✅ Soaking almonds help in removing phytates that decrease the absorption of essential nutrients. ✅ Enhances skin health being rich in Vitamin E ✅ Makes it more easily digestible ✅ They are great for brain health as they contain omega 3 fats ✅ The nutrients multiply when soaked ✅ It also helps in keeping the nervous system healthy as the protein in almonds help repair nerve cells. ♥ Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 ♥ ♥ Facebook: 🤍 ♥ ♥ Instagram: 🤍 ♥ Recommended Watching 🔹 12 tips to increase Breastfeeding: 🤍 🔸 Can I give my baby Gripe Water: 🤍 🔹 Breastmilk on the First day: 🤍 🔸 Premature Delivery Reason & Prevention: 🤍 🛍 Shop Link: 🤍 🛄 Amazon Store Link: 🤍 🛒Links to buy 🛒 Try our chemical-free and organic products for mothers, toddlers, and kids 👉 Organic Jaggery: 🤍 👉 Instant Ragi Dates & Almond: 🤍 👉 Choco Almond with Jaggery Pancake Mix: 🤍 👉 Barley Rice Cereal: 🤍 Kavitha #almondsforkids #almonds #soakedalmondbenefits #almondsforhealth #totsandmoms #kavithaprashanth

Pistachios Vs Almonds | Which is better for your health?


Do almonds have lectins? It’s a great question. In fact, you might’ve noticed that almonds are not found on Dr. Gundry’s “Yes” or “No” food lists. So, are they okay to eat? Let’s look at the different types of almonds how to safely eat them, and how to reduce dietary lectins in other foods that you eat. Learn More about Almonds on the official Dr. Gundry Blog: 🤍 Purchase Gundry MD products ➡️ 🤍 ⬅️ Take 25% off any regularly priced item with discount code: YOUTUBE25 ⬇️ Become a channel member ⬇️ 🤍 Follow Gundry MD 👥Facebook: 🤍 📸Instagram: 🤍 📌Pinterest: 🤍 🎵TikTok: 🤍 #Almonds #GundryMD #Pistachios

Awesome Almond Cultivation Technology - Almond Farming and Harvest


Almond is a very famous and energy provider dry fruit which is mostly cultivated in Middle east and USA. Almonds are the healthiest and most nutritious nuts of all, considered a well-balanced cho-lesterol free food. If you are the owner, send me a comment on the video. I will follow your request as soon as read. Thank you Thank For Watching Noal Farm For more Hot video Please Sub me Here: 🤍 And More playlist Noal Farm : 🤍 Noal Sea : 🤍 #noalfarm #noalharvesting #noalprocessing

Technology Of Cultivation And Harvest Almonds - Almond Nut Packing Factory


Do you know how thousands of tons of almonds are produced? Today we are going to the vast almond farms to see how they grow and harvest the almonds. #agriculturetechnology #farmingtechnology #almondharvesting #almondcultivation #harvestingtechnology #almond #tony98discovery ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Tony 98 - Discovery is a place to help you discover great things about technology in the field of agriculture, livestock technology, processing technology and food processing technology, etc. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🔴 COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER Tony 98 - Discovery doesn't fully own the material compiled in this video. It belongs to individuals or organizations that deserve respect. We use under: Copyright disclaimer section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. "fair use" is allowed for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarships, and research. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🔴 If you are the owner of the materials used in this video, let us know in the comments. We will follow your request immediately.

Almonds Side Effects : 7 Serious Side Effects Of Almonds That You Didn’t Know!!


Almonds Side Effects : 7 Serious Side Effects Of Almonds That You Didn’t Know ★ Our social Community ►Facebook: 🤍 ► Google Plus: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Pinterest: 🤍 ►[Don,t Miss]: Armando Amazing 10 Benefits 🤍 Almonds have always been a source of nutrients and energy. For kids, almonds are a part of munchies, for adults watching their weight, almonds are snacks. Almonds are packed with carbohydrates, proteins, fat, magnesium and more. One can eat almond as raw or roasted. Almonds are also available as flour, butter, oil and almond milk! No matter how one consumes it, almonds give our body a healthy dose of nutrients. Although there are numerous benefits of consuming almonds, they do come with their own share of side effects. Now I am going to share 7 Serious Side Effects Of Almonds Number 1 is Gastrointestinal Problems Consuming a lot of almonds can lead to constipation and bloating since they are high on fiber. If your body is not used to processing a large amount of fiber, it can lead to stomach upset. Since the nuts are difficult to digest, it leads to excess stress on the tummy. If you have a weak digestive system and are prone to digestive disorders, you should control your almond intake now Number 2 is Medication Interactions If you are on a manganese-rich diet and you consume almonds, it might lead to drug interactions. This is because almonds are also rich in manganese. High amount of manganese in the body interacts with laxatives, antibiotics and certain blood pressure medications. You only need 1.3 to 2.3 mg of manganese in your daily diet. Number 3 is Overdose Of Vitamin E We require about 15mg of Vitamin E every day. By consuming large quantities of almonds, it’s possible to reach above 1000mg of the required intake. The side effects of excess Vitamin E are diarrhea, flatulence, blurred vision, headaches and dizziness, and lethargy Number 4 is Weight Gain problem One of the major almond nuts side effects is weight gain. Since almonds contain 14g of fat and 163 calories per ounce. If you are not burning away sufficient amount of calories, you’ll definitely pile on the pounds as your body will store the excess calories as fat. So incorporate almonds in your daily diet as part of a meal plan. If you are maintaining your weight, make sure the almonds are part of your 2000 calorie intake. If you are trying to lose weight, then let the almonds be within the 1200-1500 calorie intake. Number 5 is Increases Toxic Level In The Body This is one of the major side effects of eating almonds in excessive amounts. Bitter almonds are known to contain hydrocyanic acid, which leads to symptoms, such as slowing of the nervous system, the breathing problem that can also be fatal. Number 6 is Allergic Reactions This is a rare side effect, but some people have shown allergic reactions to almonds. Here the symptoms will be rashes, difficulty in breathing etc. Number 7 is Presence Of Bacteria This side effect is not specific to almonds, but being a part of the nut family, almonds are prone to bacterial growth. Depending on where they are grown, almonds might be subjected to harmful bacterial growth, which can lead to health problems if consumed without proper cleaning. In fact, in many countries selling raw almonds is illegal. So, now that you know the almonds side effects, make informed decisions and stay healthy and safe. There is no doubt about the fact that almonds are good for our health, but moderation is the key. Talk to your nutritionist and decide on how many almonds a day is good for you. Info collected from: 🤍 Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Deadly Dilemmas Q2 - Almonds That Kill: Bitter or Sweet?


Question 2 of the Deadly Dilemmas YouTube quiz - You have to eat either a cup full of bitter almonds or sweet almonds, knowing one of them will kill you. Which do you choose? Catch Deadly Dilemmas only on Discovery UK - Weds 🤍 8pm from 5th February (Sky 520 / Virgin 212) Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: 🤍 Follow Discovery on Twitter: 🤍

California Almonds – The Gift of Good Health


This Diwali, keep your loved ones healthy by gifting them the goodness of almonds. #GiftOfGoodHealth

If You Eat Soaked Almonds Every Morning Before Breakfast, This Will Happen To You


Soaking almond in water overnight will remove the outer-skin of almonds that contains tannins, A substance which will inhibit the nutrients in the almond to be absorb by the body more easily and also make the almonds easier to be chewed. This is what happens to your body when you consume soaked almonds every morning before breakfast. 1. Prevent aging skin Most of us nowadays spend a lot of money to get anti-aging product, hoping to have beautiful and firm skin not wrinkled one. By consuming soaked almonds every-day you can get the benefits of anti-aging products, since almonds contain high level of Vitamin E, a strong antioxidant that can fight aging caused by free radicals. 2. Removes acne Overnight Soaked almonds do not only make skin soft and moist but can also prevent and reduce inflammation of acne which is caused by P acne bacterial infection. Just grind few soaked almond and mix it with honey to get an effective acne face-mask. 3. Reduce cholesterol overnight Soaked almond reduces LDL cholesterol (Low-density-lipoprotein). Study reported that eating soaked almond may elevate the level of High-Density-Lipoprotein (good-fats) in blood and reduce the bad fat that can cause many other diseases. 4. Lower blood pressure By reducing cholesterol level and maintaining healthy blood vessels, soaked almond has contributed in maintain normal blood pressure and keeps your body away from hypertension. Almonds contain low level of sodium and high level potassium which can prevent the increasing of blood pressure. 5. Prevent stroke A stroke occurs when the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or reduced, which deprives your brain of oxygen and nutrients. Overnight-Soaked-almond can help to reduce the risk of stroke by keeping your Arteries healthy and maintaining normal blood-pressure. High blood-pressure and blocked-arteries are the leading cause of stroke that may result in paralyzed body and disabilities. 6. Strengthens Immune-system According to a study, overnight almonds may have prebiotic effect that can boost immune-system. Prebiotic is known as nutrients of non-digestible food that can improve the growth of good-bacteria in human gut. As we know that human gut or gastrointestinal tract play important role in the disease prevention and it provides 80% immunity factors. 7.Prevents from cancer Vitamin-E found in almonds are strong and powerful antioxidant which can prevent the body from free-radicals effect that are the leading cause of oxidative-stress and cancer development. Free-radicals can damage the DNA of cell and weakens the immune system which leads to abnormal cell growth. Almonds Anti-cancer properties helps overcome abnormal-cell growth. 8.Promotes healthy digestion Soaked-almonds contain some amount of fiber that is good for digestive-system. Fiber can make the bowel move easier and make the intestine to absorb more nutrients from food. Soaked almonds also improve the number of good-bacteria in large intestines that help in the defecation-process. 9.Improve kids intelligence Known as brain-tonic, overnight soaked-almonds are best for children. Eating 4 – 6 pieces of almonds everyday can increase kids memory and help in build their cognitive functions. NOTE: The materials and the information contained on Natural ways channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. None of the information on our videos is a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by your health professional. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provide. google plus: 🤍 Images licensed under Creative Commons: 🤍 🤍 🤍

The Truth About "RAW" Almonds - They're lying to you!


There's been USDA law since 2007 that almonds grown in California must be pasteurized, but they still label them as raw. Why and how?

How Are Almonds Grown? Part 1


This goes through the VERY basic steps of how almonds are grown. This is the first part of a two part episode. Music by: 🤍

What are the Health Benefits of Walnuts and Almonds


Improve your heart health, lower your cholesterol, and better the lining of your arteries. Maintaining your health often requires a number of habits and actions. Staying active, keeping up with regular wellness checkups, and taking care of your mental and physical needs all contribute to a healthy body and mind. However, your diet is also a significant aspect of how you feel every day. Incorporating certain foods into your diet can contribute to your health, particularly when they’re part of a balanced diet. Almonds and walnuts are surprisingly beneficial for your health and deserve a spot in your daily eating. 🤍

How is Almond Milk made?


It all starts with soaking the almonds overnight. Morning Rush's Chesley McNeil takes you through the process of how almond milk is made. 11Alive is Where Atlanta Speaks. We believe that news shouldn’t be a one-way conversation, but a dialogue with you. Join in, share your thoughts and connect with new perspectives. Follow 11Alive on Social: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to 11Alive for exclusive content: 🤍 Visit Site: 🤍

గర్భిణీలు బాదంను ఎలా తింటే మంచిది | Eating almonds during pregnancy | HFC


Eating Almonds during pregnancy can be very beneficial due to their nutrient composition. almonds are highly recommended during pregnancy. What happens when you eat soaked almonds, why do doctors recommend almonds, what are the health benefits of almonds during pregnancy? Know about all these questions in this video. Should you consume dry fruit during pregnancy or not? And what are the benefits of consuming dry fruit in pregnancy? Dr. Swapna Chekuri, gynecologist and fertility specialist, discards all these questions. There are many doubts about pregnancy. For the first time, it is more prevalent in pregnant mothers. Dry Fruits are good sources of vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, and iron. Especially Dry Fruit like almond helps you to recover from morning sickness, vomiting, and digestion. You can eat a bowl full of good and mixed dry fruits. You can take 2-3 spoons of powdered dry fruits with milk once a day. Eating nuts during pregnancy Nuts are a great source of nutrition during pregnancy. Be it the first, second or third trimester, you require them all the time. Whether it is almond, cashew, pistachios or walnuts, they are all loaded with nutrients This is because they contain hydrocyanic acid, an over-consumption of which can lead to breathing problem, nervous breakdown, choking and even death! It is a strict dietary prohibition for pregnant women Hyderabad Fertility Center is committed to offering world-class IVF solutions to couples at affordable price. Hyderabad Women & Fertility Centre(HFC) is the among the largest Fertility Treatment providers in Hyderabad,India. HFC aims to bring advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to Hyderabad.These days significant rise in the number of Couples opting for Infertility Treatments, the numbers are still abysmally low compared to the couples actually requiring medical treatment. One of the major reason is lack of awareness amongst the public about the basicsthat infertility is a disease that needs to be addressed medically. Hyderabad Women & Fertility Centre(HFC) was launched with the commitment to offer standardised Infertility Treatment in Hyderabad.We offer Treatments like IUI Treatment IVF Treatment ICSI Treatment Andrology Assisted Hatching Blastocyst Culture Endoscopy Freezing & Vitrification #Infertility #Dr.SwapnaChekuri #HyderabadFertility For Latest Updates on Infertility Issues ☛ Visit our Official Website: 🤍 ☛ Subscribe for Latest Updates- 🤍 ☛ Like us : 🤍 For Treatment Contact : 093979 73737

5 Reasons That You Should Eat Almonds Daily #shorts


Five Health benefits of almonds

Eating Almonds Every Day For A Week Will Do This To Your Body


Eating almonds every day for a week will do this to your body. Finding a healthy snack can be tricky. It’s hard to be healthy when you’re constantly on the go. Grabbing something to eat that’s quick and easy usually involves a ton of sugar. Which can also be problematic if you’re trying to lose weight. It turns out almonds could be just the food you’re looking for! #BenefitsOfAlmonds #Almond #AlmondsHealthBenefits Timestamps: Intro - 0:00 Reason#1: 1:49 Reason#2: 2:30 Reason#3: 3:16 Reason#4: 3:53 Reason#5: 4:37 Reason#6: 5:19 Reason#7: 6:06 Reason#8: 6:36 Reason#9: 7:24 Music: 🤍 Summary: Reason #1 Almonds are full of benefits and are a great addition to your diet whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. They’re highly nutritious and are full of great stuff like healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. According to HEALTHLINE the USA is the world’s largest producer of Almonds so they’re very popular, and are really easy to add to your diet. Reason #2 Did someone say antioxidants? We just did! You probably hear that word a lot when it comes to you health, and for good reason. That’s the stuff that protects against damage to the molecules in your cells. Which MAYOCLINIC reports can help fight off heart disease, cancer and other things you don’t want happening to your body. The best way to get the most out of the almond is to eat the ones that still have the brown layer of skin on them. That’s where the most powerful antioxidants are according to PUBMED. Reason #3 Pass the vitamin E, please. We mentioned this a bit earlier, but we need to elaborate because this particular vitamin has some great benefits. Vitamin E is another antioxidant, remember those? In particular the family of fat-soluble antioxidants and almonds are one of the best sources in the WORLD according to NUTRITION DATA Not only that but several studies cited on PUBMED have said the more vitamin E you have in your diet the more you lower your rate of heart disease, cancer and alzheimer’s disease. Reason #4 Almonds are a popular choice for people with diabetes, and it makes sense because these nuts (or seeds) are low in carbs, but high in healthy fats, protein and fiber. The most important trait of the almond when it comes to diabetes is their remarkably high in magnesium. This is a mineral that helps control blood sugar (plus over 300 other bodily processes) PUBMED reports. Reason #5 No more overeating. Almonds are a great choice for those who are struggling with weight loss. MEDICAL NEWS TODAY reports that almonds are lower in carbohydrates and high in protein and fiber, meaning that you’ll feel fuller for longer. (No more snacking when you shouldn't be)! The more you feel full, the less you’ll feel hungry, and that means less calories consumed in a day. Reason #6 Almonds can help you lower that bad cholesterol. As we get older cholesterol is something that we should always keep an eye on. Bad cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease, and adding almonds can lower that risk. But how? Well bad cholesterol is measured in the blood by something called LDL levels. Reason #7 Digestive health benefits. Not only do almonds taste good, but they are high in fiber which gives them prebiotic properties, which is great for your digestive health overall. Prebiotics promote good bacteria in your stomach and will help you maintain a healthy balance. While research is promising when it comes to prebiotics more research is needed. You can still maintain a healthy digestive system with a normal healthy diet, but so far, it seems adding almonds doesn’t hurt. Reason #8 To cook them, or not to cook them...that is the question. You can get almonds in all sorts of ways. Raw, roasted, sliced, candied. You probably guessed it but unfortunately, candied are not a healthy option, and should be avoided if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, although they are pretty yummy when added to sweets, just sayin’. So which is better, raw or roasted? Well, that’s a tough one. Reason #9 They can help prevent gallstones. Hopefully you’ve never had gallstones in your life, because they hurt! Gallstones are formed in the gallbladder, the stones are solid particles ranging in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball. They can form when we neglect our healthy diet by eating high-fat, high-cholesterol meals...ahem...step away from the french fries. There’s really no cure for gallstones, and in some cases surgery is needed to get rid of them. Subscribe to Bestie : 🤍 Our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Medical Disclaimer: 🤍 Website: 🤍

California Almonds - Tomorrow Begins Today


Want a quick and tasty snack which helps you manage your weight ? Almonds are rich in essential nutrients and can keep you fit and healthy. So grab a handful of almonds, because tomorrow begins today.

Almonds v/s Peanuts | Which is better for Bodybuilding (Rs 800/ Kg or Rs 200/ Kg)


♦️INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ♦️FACEBOOK: 🤍 ♦️WEBSITE: 🤍 ♦️2nd YOUTUBE CHANNEL: 🤍 ♦️3rd YOUTUBE CHANNEL: 🤍 ————————————— Almonds v/s Peanuts | Which is better for Bodybuilding Almonds Rs 800/ Kg Peanuts Rs 200/ Kg)

Best way to eat almonds/How to eat almonds/#sprouts #Benefits #soaked #Sprouted-almonds


#howmanyalmondperday #howtoeatalmonds #almonds #sprouts Almonds are one of the most nutritious of all nuts and come power-packed with protein, fibre, vitamin E, omega-3&6 fatty acids, calcium,and zinc. Most health experts suggest eating a few almonds daily for a healthy mind and body. Most of us like eating them raw (meaning un-soaked or roasted) considering most benefits lie in the almond peel. However, a common belief suggests that one shouldn't eat raw almonds, especially in summers. Let's find out why. Almonds are believed to produce heat in the body and hamper your digestion process. One should ensure eating almonds soaked in water, especially when the weather outside demands you stay cool on the inside. Soaking the almonds makes it easy to take off the peel, which allows the nuts to release all the nutrients easily. Soaked almonds are softer and easier to digest, which again helps in the absorption of nutrients in a better manner. Research shows that the best way to eat almond is soaked and skin removed. The skin of the nut contains tannins, which prevent the complete absorption of nutrients. Moreover, the skin is hard to digest as well, which is why most people prefer to eat almonds skin removed. In summers, soaking is a good idea as they produce heat in the body. This is even more important for people with pitta dosha, they should soak almonds before consumption as it may create imbalances in the body leading to boils, piles and other conditions."

Almonds Health Benefits | Healthy Foods To Eat Everyday | Manthena Official


Almonds Health Benefits | Healthy Foods To Eat Everyday | Manthena Official Almonds description 1)ఈ పప్పు లో అతి తక్కువ కార్బోహైడ్రేట్స్ ఉంటాయి 2) జుట్టు బాగా పెరగడానికి కండపుష్టి కి బాడీ బిల్డింగ్ కి జిమ్ చేయు వారికి షుగర్ ఉన్న వారికి ఈ పప్పు మేలు చేస్తుంది అనారోగ్యంతో బాధపడుతున్నారా? అయితే ఆలస్యమెందుకు తక్షణమే డాక్టర్ "మంతెన సత్యనారాయణ రాజు" గారి ఆశ్రమానికి ఫోన్ చేయండి. అనుభవజ్ఞులైన నేచురోపతి డాక్టర్ అందుబాటులో ఉంటారు, మీ సమస్యలన్నీ పరిష్కరిస్తారు. ఏ ఆహారం తీసుకుంటే ఏ సమస్య పోతుందో తగు సూచనలు ఇస్తారు. ఉదయం 7 గంటల నుండి రాత్రి 9 గంటల లోపు ఈ క్రింది ఫోన్ నెంబర్ కి ఎప్పుడైనా కాల్ చేసి మీ సమస్యలకు పరిష్కారం పొందవచ్చు. 9848021122. డాక్టర్ "మంతెన సత్యనారాయణ రాజు" గారి ఆశ్రమం లో వైద్య వివరాల కోసం, ఈ క్రింది ఫోన్ నెంబర్ కి కాల్ చేయండి. 08632333888. Are you sure? Don't want to miss any update from us...🙄 If "Yes" 😉 Then immediately follow us on our social media...👇 Facebook 👉 🤍 Instagram 👉 🤍 Twitter 👉 🤍 We will drop the most awaited health secrets in your inbox 💌 Still have queries, Want a FREE doctor consultation 😍 We answer your calls from 7am - 9pm 💖 Here is the FREE doctor consultation number 👉 08632333888 / 9848021122 If you want more videos from us then also check our "Good Health" & "Health Mantra" Channels... Watch the all-new "Andariki Arogyam" Series in Zee Telugu everyday morning 🤍 8:30am almond benefits, almonds, benefits of almonds, health benefits, almonds for weight loss, బాదం, badam pappu, badam pappu for health, badam benefits, manthena satyanarayana raju latest videos,manthena satyanarayana,manthena satyanarayana raju,almonds health benefits, almonds health benefits in telugu, almonds, almonds benefits, health benefits of almonds, almond benefits, benefits of almonds, how to eat almonds, benefits of almond, almonds for weight loss, benefits of almonds soaked in water, almonds nutrition, health benefits, healthy foods to eat everyday, food, healthy food, healthy eating, healthy diet, foods you should eat everyday, what should i eat, #manthenaofficial #almonds #healthbenefits #drmanthenaofficial #manthenasatyanarayanraju #drmanthenasatyanarayanaraju

Why Should You Eat 5 Almonds Daily? | Healthcare Tips | Dr. Archika Didi


#Healthtips #DrArchikaDidi #AlmondsBenefits #HealthBenefits Why Should You Eat 5 Almonds Daily? You should eat 5 almonds daily- you might have heard this many times from your elders. Indeed almonds are one of the healthiest nuts. Developing a habit of eating them regularly can be beneficial to your health in diverse ways. They promote heart health, give a glow to your face and, also boost your memory power. But do you know almonds are loaded with which key nutrient that makes it a superfood? Connect with Dr. Archika Didi online: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Email: info🤍 Website: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Phone: (India) +917291986654, +91 7291986656, +917291986657

What'll Happen If You Eat 4 Almonds Every Day


Evidence-Based: 🤍 Almonds are quintessential superfoods packed with proteins, vitamin E, fiber, iron, and calcium. They are also high in antioxidants, minerals, and healthy fats. Plus, they’re tasty and a perfect quick snack to have on you every day. Almonds were also a big part of ancient Indians' and Egyptians' diets. But what will happen if you start eating almonds every day between meals? Will they improve your health and good looks? This is what we’re about to find out in this video! HealthNormal: 🤍 Timestamps: Intro - 00:00 1. Support your weight loss - 00:56 2. Might reduce the risk of cancer - 02:04 3. Reduce your total caloric intake - 03:05 4. Support a healthy pregnancy - 04:20 5. Regulate cholesterol levels - 05:15 6. Strengthen your bones - 06:57 7. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease - 06:57 8. Regulate your blood pressure - 08:15 9. Help you have a smooth and elastic skin - 09:23 10. Keep blood sugar levels under control - 10:15 Subscribe to HealthNormal : 🤍 Our Social Media: Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Flipboard: 🤍 #Almonds #Health #Nutrition #Benefits #HealthNormal #Almond Health Benefits of Almonds Almond Health Benefits Almond Nutrition Facts

6 Nuts You Should Be Eating And 6 You Shouldn't


Should you eat hazelnuts or dump them? What about almonds, chestnuts, and pecans? Which side of our list did walnuts make? We’ll be talking about all of this AND more… Other videos recommended for you: WATCH 🎥: 8 Foods That Aren't As Healthy As You Think - 🤍 WATCH 🎥: Eating Dark Chocolate Does This To Your Body - 🤍 #Nuts #HealthyEating #Bestie Sources: 🤍 Timestamps: Intro - 0:00 Nuts You Should Eat Hazelnuts - 00:28 Walnuts - 01:31 Acorns - 02:19 Pecans - 02:59 Chestnuts - 03:45 Pistachios - 04:34 Nuts You Should NOT Eat Almonds - 05:31 Cashews - 06:25 Horse Chestnuts - 07:12 Macadamia Nuts - 07:35 Pine nuts - 08:01 Peanuts - 08:31 Music: 🤍 🤍 Summary: Nuts You Should Eat 1. Hazelnuts Hazelnut-filled cookies. Butterscotch ice cream with hazelnuts mixed in! Just hearing the name hazelnuts makes me want to head out to the nearest cafe and order a cappuccino! 2. Walnuts Walnuts are amazing. They give so much vitamin E and omega fatty acids. Eating walnuts regularly helps your body thrive. It lowers your blood cholesterol level, boosts heart and brain health, and helps ward off depression. 3. Acorns Humans have been eating acorns for centuries. This is due to their nutrients and good taste. The reason why a lot of us skip acorns is because they are a pain to prepare. 4. Pecans Pecans usually pop up in pies. But they are the underdogs of the nut world. Underrated and underutilized! For more information, please watch the video until the very end. Subscribe to Bestie : 🤍 Our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Medical Disclaimer: 🤍 Website: 🤍

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