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What Returning to Dark Souls Taught Me About Elden Ring


Support the show on Patreon - 🤍 Podcast - 🤍 Twitch - 🤍 Second Channel - 🤍 - Elden Ring is, deservedly, widely considered to be the peak of developer From Software's creative output—featuring the most fluid combat and the most densely packed, deeply interconnected world yet. This got me thinking—with these obvious refinements, wouldn't it be fairly difficult to go back to the early days of this franchise, with all the clunkiness (both technical and inherent to the game's design) that comes with it? Well, I decided to go back to 2011's Dark Souls—analysing boss and world design, levelling, combat mechanics, etc.—to find out. Interestingly, it turns out that while both games share obvious visual and mechanical DNA, they could not feel more different from one another—a revelation that has further complicated my views on both an old favourite, and a new classic. 0:00 - Intro 0:22 - Context 1:50 - Why I went back to Dark Souls 4:51 - The evolution of speed and aggression 7:43 - Stamina 9:57 - Tactical play and i-frames 11:33 - Boss battles 13:28 - "Playing the right way" and exploits 16:31 - My problems with Elden Ring's bosses 20:17 - The problem with more options 22:11 - Elden Ring's late game 23:48 - Gaming the numbers 27:11 - Exploration, world design and purpose 34:50 - Bonfires and Lost Grace 36:48 - Elden Ring is shockingly streamlined 37:51 - Conclusion 39:25 - Outro - Thumbnail by hotcyder - 🤍 🤍 Intro text animation by Isaac Holland - 🤍

Elden Ring's Possible Connections to Dark Souls Explained (Elden Ring + Dark Souls Theory)


Go to 🤍 and use the code "BANDIT" at checkout for 10% off! Elden Ring and Dark Souls share many similarities, most of which are probably simple references or nods. But is it possible that they could be worlds apart, connected by one huge universe? Join me to find out! - Follow me on Twitter! 🤍 (🤍BanditGamesYT) - Follow me on Instagram! 🤍 - Join my Bandit Crew on YouTube! 🤍 - Join my Bandit Crew on Patreon! 🤍 - Grab some flashy Bandit Crew merch: 🤍 P.S. I'm very grateful for you. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you next time. #EldenRing #DarkSouls #EldenRingTheory 00:00 - Khimrya! 01:23 - Intro! 03:03 - World Parallelism 04:54 - GRRM, My Man 07:59 - Lore Discoveries Galore

Elden Ring Mythology - Connections to Dark Souls and Bloodborne (Shared Universe?)


Ever since the first Dark Souls came out (following up Demon's Souls), people have been speculating about whether or not the FromSoftware games are a part of the same universe. Elden Ring seems to confirm these suspicions in multiple ways. Listen on to find out why. Patreon: 🤍 SubscribeStar: 🤍 PayPal: paypal.me/maxderrat Twitter: twitter.com/maxderrat Discord Link: 🤍 Twitch: twitch.tv/maxderrat #eldenring #fromsoftware Tags: max derrat, elden ring, elden ring explained, elden ring analysis, dark souls, bloodborne, elden ring dark souls, elden ring bloodborne, elden ring dark souls connection, connection, elden ring costumes, elden ring fashion, fashion, fashion souls, エルデンリング

Connections Between Elden Ring and Dark Souls


The final Connections video is here! It's crazy to think how much the channel has improved when I posted the first of the series about a year ago. Thank you all for the support since then. I've had so much fun making these videos and I'm excited to show what's coming in the future, I have big plans! Thank you to all of the Reddit threads and Youtubers that highlighted some of these details it is much appreciated! [Other YouTuber's Videos] 🤍 - Patches in Demon's Souls 🤍 - Patches as a Spider 🤍 - Maneater Mildred 🤍 - Miralda Demon's Souls (1) 🤍 - Miralda Demon's Souls (2) 🤍 - Bloodborne Moonlight Greatsword 🤍 - Demon's Souls Moonlight Greatsword 🤍 - Phalanx in Demon's Souls 🤍 - Demon's Souls Shield 🤍 - Bloodborne Pizza Cutter 🤍 - Bloodborne Pillars 🤍 - Sekiro Cutscene 🤍 - Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons 🤍 - Snatcher and Death Scene [Background Music] 🤍 - this song has a very long name you'll see if you click on the link, Undertale OST 🤍 - Another Medium, Undertale OST 🤍 - Enemy Approaching, Undertale OST Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 These take you to social medias I don't have, I just like the look of a full description.

Dark Souls Pro Plays Elden Ring


Elden Ring is definitely going to be a long journey. Here's hoping I don't break my controller like when I played Sekiro ~Social Media ~ Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

How Elden Ring Ruined the Dark Souls Multi-Boss Fight


After nonstop Miyazaki fellating its time I say some unironically negative things about Elden Ring. I know I know, I thought criticisms of this game were a myth too. If this video seems rushed that's because well... it was. It's been scripted for a month but life has been life-ing so little time to edit. Ran into some problems when recording footage, I apologize for the drop in video quality during the godskin duo section. Additional footage is from Shirrako and Boss Fight Database.

SOULS GAMES References and Similarities in ELDEN RING w/ Comparison


Demon's Souls / Dark Souls references, similarities, easter eggs and inspirations in Elden Ring with direct comparison. Please leave like and subscribe if you are enjoying content like this 0:00 Linking The Fire Reference 0:31 Demon's Souls Cutscene Similarity 0:50 Phalanx Reference 1:30 Dark Souls Chest Easter Egg 2:33 Patches 5:20 Moonlight Greatsword 5:50 Adjudicator's Shield 6:25 Sronfang Tunnel Reference 7:09 Smough Reference 8:17 Stray Demon's Moveset 9:32 Dark Silver (Garl Vinland) Set Inspiration 9:59 Maneater Similarity 10:24 Demon's Souls Unused Location 11:17 Basilisks 11:34 Ash Lake Reference 12:05 Ending Screen Music: Elden Ring OST - Elden Beast - 🤍 Demon's Souls Soundtrack - "Return to Slumber" - 🤍 Sources: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #EldenRing #DarkSouls #DemonsSouls #Comparison #Reference #EasterEgg #eldenringanddarksoulssameuniverse #eldenringanddarksouls #soulslike #eldenringdarksoulsreferences

I Downloaded The Wrong Dark Souls...


I Downloaded The Wrong Dark Souls... I was looking around on steam for wacky souls-like elden ring type games and came across dank subs... truly the game to carry the torch of dark souls. Years of hard work and dedication has led to this game being developed and I couldn't be more proud of the human race. Maidens got you thirsty? Use code: skum and get 10% of GGsupps! - 🤍 WATCH ME LIVE ON TWITCH: Twitch: 🤍 Connect With Me: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Check Out My VOD/Clips Channel - 🤍 Background Music - 🤍 #Eldenring #Darksouls #gaming #fromsoftware

7 Soulsborne Easter Eggs in Elden Ring


Hidden in Elden Ring are subtle references to From Software's other action RPGs, including Demon's Souls, the Dark Souls and Bloodborne. How many of these Easter eggs did you find? - Official Merch Store! 🤍 If you like what we do, you can support us by joining the OX Supporters Club. It's totally optional but it helps us make more of the stuff you love: 🤍 Outside Xtra is a companion channel to Outside Xbox, covering the wider world of gaming with weekly list videos, Let's Plays and shows with your hosts Ellen and Luke. Look for regular appearances by OG Outside Xboxers Andy, Jane and Mike, and generally more of the videos you love, about more of the platforms you enjoy, from a team now two people larger overall. Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. Find us at 🤍 Subscribe to us at 🤍 Follow us on Twitter at 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Like us on Facebook at 🤍 #eldenring #eastereggs #soulsborne

Was hat Elden Ring, das bei Dark Souls noch fehlte?


Jetzt bei E WIE EINFACH PS5 zum Energietarif sichern! Alle Infos unter: 🤍 (Werbung) From Software hat mit Demon Souls und Dark Souls vor über 10 Jahren das Genre der Soulsborne- oder Soulslike-Spiele begründet, aber so erfolgreich wie jetzt Elden Ring ist noch kein Spiel dieser Art gestartet. Was unterscheidet Elden Ring also von den früheren Dark-Souls-Spielen? Dieser Frage gehen wir in diesem Video nach. #GameStar #EldenRing #DarkSouls * Über 1.400 exklusive Videos gibt‘s bei GameStar Plus: 🤍 Folgt uns! Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Dark Souls è un Capolavoro Inarrivabile 🔥


Dark Souls è un capolavoro di inarrivabile bellezza. Provatelo, soprattutto se vi è piaciuto Elden Ring. E' disponibile la Remaster anche per PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Serie S ed X e addirittura per Nintendo Switch. Ovviamente anche per PC.

Is Elden Ring A Sequel To Dark Souls?


There's actually a lot of connections...let's dive in. Email: EndymionYT🤍hotmail.com Twitter: 🤍EndymionYT Instagram: endymionn Twitch: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Song: "Mystery Palace" by Spectacles Wallet and Watch

Elden Ring vs. Dark Souls - 10 BIGGEST DIFFERENCES You Need To Know


New gameplay footage has been showcased for FromSoftware's Elden Ring, providing an extensive look at the game's mechanics, combat and exploration. There was quite a bit to see, both in terms of things that we're seeing action for the first time and brand-new details. However, it's interesting to see just how it adheres to the Dark Souls formula while expanding and improving on it in the open world space. Let's take a look at 10 of the biggest changes that Elden Ring brings forth compared to the Dark Souls series.

Dark Souls After 1000 Hours Of Elden Ring...


Dark Souls After 1000 Hours Of Elden Ring... Elden Ring has consumed my life... I have dumped hundreds of hours in Elden Ring doing dumb stuff. It is finally time to return to tradition. It is time to return to Lothric. Elden Lord? Tarnished? Melina? What are you talking about? Ashen One, we need to return the lords of cinder to their thrones so we can link the fire! Maidens got you thirsty? Use code: skum and get 10% of GGsupps! - 🤍 WATCH ME LIVE ON TWITCH: Twitch: 🤍 Connect With Me: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Check Out My VOD/Clips Channel - 🤍 Background Music - 🤍 Mohg theme remix - 🤍 Ds3 Trap Remix - 🤍 #Eldenring #Darksouls #gaming #fromsoftware

Dark Souls 3 after 400 hours of Elden Ring


Still a good game that I forever love but man is it hard to go back lol Dark Souls 3 after 400 hours of Elden Ring is a painful experience. More short, funny Elden Ring Videos: 🤍 All of my Elden Ring Content: 🤍 If you'd like to support me outside of videos you can become a member here: 🤍 #DarkSouls3 #EldenRing #Experience

Solving The Theory of What Is The Land Between? (Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Blood Borne)


What is The Land Between? The Land between what exactly? Solving the answer to this question fills in the connections between how the world's of Elden Ring, Dark Souls and Blood Borne and not only connected, but how they came to exist in the first place. Let's solve the theory of Elden Ring's Land Between. Solving The Theory of Elden Ring's Story 💙 🤍 Explaining Ranni's True Story (Elden Ring) 💜🤍 The Science of How Powerful Is Batman? 💛🤍

Solving Elden Ring's Upcoming DLC


Elden Ring is getting some major new DLC content that is looking pretty incredible. Solving The Theory of What Is The Land Between? (Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Blood Borne) 💜🤍 Solving The Theory of Elden Ring's Story 💙 🤍 Explaining Ranni's True Story (Elden Ring) 💛🤍

Elden Ring vs. Dark Souls 3 | Physics & Details Comparison


Subscribe my channel 🤍 Games Physics, NPC AI, Logics, Graphics, Details, Bugs, Glitches, Facts, MOD, Weapon, Experiments, Comparisons and Showcase.

Soulsborne Games Ranked from Worst to Best (Including Elden Ring)


Bloodborne Playthrough: 🤍 How Elden Ring Changes You: 🤍 Responding to Comments: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Music Channel: 🤍 Consider Supporting me on Patreon: 🤍 Thanks to Brad for the thumbnail! Intro: 0:00 Demon's Souls: 0:26 6: 1:39 5: 4:24 4: 6:28 3: 8:33 2: 10:52 1: 13:42

Elden Ring Patch 1.06 Overview


Twitch Watch live at 🤍 Check out our MERCH STORE: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 #ELDENRING #ELDENRINGPvP #ERPvP It's time to say goodbye to Dark Souls 3 and embrace Elden Ring I would like to thank all the Souls content creator for this experience. Prod the funny, Chasethebro the great invader, FighterPl the parry king, Saintriot the meta hater, DangitJM the underrated, SunlightBlade the top 10, Peeve Peeverson the almighty, Oroboro the darkmoon blade sellswords, YukasLegion I ban him, VaatiVidya lore fix, LimitBreaker fun facts and my favorites BathedInBrena tournament host and iamamish the role model.

Elden Ring: Dark Souls 4 or Something More?


Thanks to Bandai Namco for early access to the Network Test! Top 10's and Rankings Playlist ➤ 🤍 Twitch ➤ 🤍 Discord ➤ 🤍 Twitter ➤ 🤍 The floodgates are open - Elden Ring gameplay is finally here. Is it merely more Dark Souls or is it something greater? Today I'll share all my Elden Ring Network Test impressions with you from Elden Ring's graphics, combat, bosses, world design, and more. Check out my other video today sharing raw footage of all Elden Ring bosses in the network test. I'll be doing a Elden Ring boss ranking for the network test in the coming days once the public has had access. I really hope you all get to experience it and I can't wait to share more with you up to Elden Ring's release! Sources: Vaatividya Elden Ring Boss Art Competition ➤ 🤍 Ultimate Battle/Ultra Instinct Rock Cover by Friedrich Habelter ➤ 🤍 Eva – 失望した: 🤍 License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 - 🤍 HOME – Sleep: 🤍 License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 - 🤍 HOME – Synchronize: 🤍 License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 - 🤍 INTL.CMD – Coastline: 🤍 License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 - 🤍 INTL.CMD – Sunset City: 🤍 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 - 🤍



WERBUNG Vielen Dank geht raus an MSI und den RAIDER GE66: 🤍 Heute gibt es DARK SOULS vs ELDEN RING Cast: Maxim Markow, Sven Schwab, Jetty [Pferd], Stefanie Richter, Niklot Stüber Agentur: Freaks4u Gaming GmbH Produktion: CuBird GmbH Konzept: Maxim Markow Regie: Maxim Markow Co-Regie: Zhong To Kamera: Zhong To 1st AC: Ciro J. Kavouras Oberbeleuchter: Theodor Pusch Beleuchter: Aaron Klitzingen Making Of/Assistenz: Pauline Hermann Nachdreh 1st AC: Pauline Hermann Editor: Dominic Tetz Sound Design: Dominic Tetz Grading: Dominic Tetz VFX: Zhong To & Dominic Tetz Motion Graphics: Dominic Tetz Musik: artlist Darsteller: Tolkin [Big Hat Logan]: 🤍 Steffi [Reiterin]: 🤍 🤍 MusiK/Effekte von epidemicsound: 🤍 * Mein Supplement Partner Foodspring: 🤍 (15 Rabatt - Code: maximFSG) * Shop: 🤍 * Twitter: 🤍 Instragram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Zu meinem Livestream: 🤍 Die mit * gekennzeichneten Links sind sogenannte Affiliate-Links. Kommt über diesen Link ein Einkauf zustande, werde ich mit einer Provision beteiligt.

Is Elden Ring a good "first" Souls game?


I’ve never played a Dark Souls game, but here I am, reviewing Elden Ring. At least I’m not four years late like I was with Breath of the Wild! Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Thumbnail Art: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Music: Fight Against a Stronger Monster - Super Mario RPG Main Theme - GTA III Main Theme - Elden Ring Great Grey Wolf Sif - Dark Souls In Broad Daylight - Chibi-Robo During the Exams - Persona 3 Splashing Around - The Green Orbs SUPER-REFLEX - Megalomachia2 Sky Dance - Pyre Mad Space - Sonic Adventure 2 Cocoa Cave - Kirby Super Star Sound Test - Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Aeolic Guardian - Musashiden 2 Ancient Dragon Lansseax - Elden Ring Game Over - Super Mario World The Realm Within - Genshin Impact Can You Really Call This A Hotel - Undertale Piranha Plant’s Lullaby - Super Mario 64 Inazuma - Genshin Impact You’ve Got Me - VA-11 HALL-A Meteor Herd - Sonic Adventure 2 #EldenRing

Elden Ring randomizer es el "Dark Souls" de Elden Ring


Elden Ring randomizer es el mod capaz de reproducir lo que alguna vez fue tu primera experiencia con Elden Ring, con cosas absurdas de por medio, y con la posibilidad de ser más fácil o más difícil que el original. Obvi, este video está ligeramente inspirado en uno que hizo Juja hace mucho tiempo sobre Dark Souls: 🤍 Te quiero Juja :) Ilustraciones de la miniatura: Astel: 🤍 Malenia: 🤍 Link al mod: 🤍 Lista de canciones usadas durante el video: 1. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune - League of Legends. 2. Plants vs Zombies minigame theme. 3. Punch it out main theme. 4. A Hat in Time - Crazy Science Owls. 5. A Hat in Time - Welcome to Mafia town. 6. A Hat in Time - Scootin' Through Mafia Town. 7. Samira - League of Legends. 8. Douse - Shinundakara - Gravity Rush. 9. A Hat in time - Scootin' Through clocktowers beneath the sea. 10. Abyss Watchers - Dark Souls 3. 11. LCS 2015 login screen - League of Legends. 12. Dragonslayer Armour - Dark Souls 3. 13. Yhorm the giant - Dark Souls 3. Hubo otras canciones que usé de forma esporádica, entre ellas: Yakety Sax. Sign de Berserk. Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #eldenring #eldenringRandomizer #eldenringMod

POV: you're a dark souls player


I just came across a superb site for Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro Armor and weapons mods, you definitely need to check it out!! 🤍 i need to apologize to Funsline, Zombie Headz and SunlightBlade for taking a short portion of their clips to make this meme. I never thought this video would reach 1 million views as I mostly make videos for myself. I wasn't able to record myself the clips so i took some on the internet so, here's the video references used in this meme: Funsline: 🤍 Zombie Headz: 🤍 SunlightBlade: 🤍 Elden Ring won as most anticipated game at the game awards 2021 we did it. Thank you pot boy! pot boy rave incoming i saw this video on another channel and i recreated it, frame per frame, with elden ring and dark souls mashup. this is a simple dark souls 1, dark souls 2 video that brings old powerstance vibes, giant dad is again with us in elden ring, and the estus cancel animation from dark souls 3 (love it or not). can't wait to play elden ring. Couldn't put more coz the video would be too long. • Twitch: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Paypal: 🤍 • TikTok: tiktok.com/🤍diablodex • Be a member: 🤍 Q & A: -Who are you? I am Diablo, an Italian chef, in my free time I make meme video, gameplay video, gameplay memes, animations, edits and funny stuff on my little channel. - What do you use to edit? After Effect, Final Cut Pro, Blender and of course Photoshop! - When do you upload? Basically when I want, If I have time to play and find some funny moments, bug or funny glitch I can upload even 1 time every 2 day like I did in the past. - Channel Inspiration? Well, I grew up watching Paluluman my mentor, then I found The Pruld an italian channel that works with 3d animations of dark soul, demon soul, bloodborne, Skyrim and many more.. Then An0nymooose, Albino, Cogstok, Stimpee, Homozoned, Twomad, LevelupLifting, Yahiamice, MP Edits, Fe4rless, Dolan Dark, Jonkarip and so many others creators I didn't mentioned here. :3 Thanks for watching!

When A Boss Doesn't Give Up (DARK SOULS x ELDEN RING)


Support my animations: 🤍 For single donations: 🤍 Twitch channel: 🤍 Facebook page: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 #DarkSouls #DorkSouls #EldenRing A cartoon #Parody by Matthew Shezmen

The Worst Feature in Every Souls Game (Including Elden Ring)


Today, we're talking about the worst features from each of the souls games by Fromsoftware. This includes Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring. I wanted to list what I disliked about each game and why I didn't like those features because they all have unique combat and other mechanics that set them apart from each other. The Best Feature in Every Souls Game: 🤍 Why I Stopped Playing Elden Ring: 🤍 Get 10% OFF Gamer Supps, Waifu Shirts, and More: 🤍 Timestamps 0:00 - Intro 0:14 - Demon's Souls 1:33 - Dark Souls 2:40 - Dark Souls 2 4:28 - Bloodborne 5:55 - Dark Souls 3 7:12 - Sekiro 8:55 - Elden Ring Follow Me! Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Don't forget to like and subscribe! DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! #eldenring #eldenringgameplay #darksouls #sekiro #bloodborne #demonssouls #darksouls2 #darksouls3 #fromsoftware #soulslike #soulsborne #soulsgame #soulsgaming

3 things DS3 does better than Elden Ring


Elden Ring et Dark Souls ont été créés par un comptable 🟣 JV Legends


Vous n'avez pas pu passer à côté d'Elden Ring ou de Dark Souls, des monuments incontestés du jeu vidéo. Mais saviez-vous que leur développeur était... Comptable ? 🟣 Retrouvez JV Legends, un dimanche sur deux à 12h00 ! 🤍 Elden Ring est certainement le jeu sensation de cette année. Pressenti pour être le GOTY 2022, il explose tous les records depuis sa récente sortie. Bien avant lui, les jeux Demon's Souls et Dark Souls faisaient également un tabac. La mécanique semble bien rôdée pour FromSoftware qui fait un carton avec chacun de ses jeux. Cependant, connaissez-vous l'homme derrière ces succès ? On vous présente le développeur à succès Hidetaka Miyazaki dans ce tout nouveau JV Legends ! 00:00 Introduction 00:39 Démissionner et tout changer 03:32 Entrer par la petite porte 04:33 L'échec devient une opportunité 06:39 "Ce jeu est vraiment très mauvais" 09:19 Le contre-courant qui finit par payer 12:49 Dark Souls et la recette magique 16:24 Conclure l'arc et briller à nouveau 18:44 Conclusion - Tous les jeux vidéo sont sur JV, le média spécialisé qui propose tests, reviews, previews, aperçus, actu et news, soluces et astuces, dossiers et tout ce qu'il faut pour les gamers passionnés ! 👉 Abonnez-vous : 🤍 👉 Le site : 🤍 👉 Facebook : 🤍 👉 Twitter : 🤍 👉 Instagram : 🤍 👉 TikTok : 🤍 #JV #JVLegends #EldenRing

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal


Rise, Tarnished. #ELDENRING comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Digital January 21, 2022. Pre-order ELDEN RING: 🤍 Join the ELDEN RING Discord: 🤍 Follow us on: Web: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Dark Souls 3 is more active than Elden Ring


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All credits to xingyebaba (星野爸爸_xingyebaba), the original creator of this absolute masterpiece. SONG: 🤍 Video from: 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 TWITCH ➔ 🤍 TWITTER ➔ 🤍 FACEBOOK ➔ 🤍 INSTAGRAM➔ 🤍 Thank u for all the subs, support and your feedback

POURQUOI ELDEN RING est plus facile que DARK SOULS ?


ELDEN RING, un jeu facile ? Noooooon 🔥 Code créateur : Asterion Abonne-toi : 🤍 On s'amuse encore plus sur mes lives twitch : 🤍 - MES RESEAUX ► Instagram : 🤍 ► Tik Tok : 🤍 ► Twitch : 🤍 ► Twitter : 🤍 ► Discord : 🤍 - MON MATOS Camera 1 : 🤍 Camera 2 : 🤍 Microphone : 🤍 Trepied : 🤍 Fond vert : 🤍



AVISO IMPORTANATE: Todos los argumentos que muestro en este video son el resultado de mi propia experiencia de juego sumado a una ardua investigación en foros y videos de Youtube, así que te invito a que dejes tu opinión en los comentarios para debatir y enriquecer nuestro conocimiento sobre este espectacular videojuego. Más contenido en mi cuenta de Tik Tok: 🤍

Elden Ring Review: Dark Souls-fundering in een gigantische open wereld!


Elden ring is de zevende game in de soulsborne-reeks en wordt het absolute hoogtepunt genoemd. Is dat een beetje gelukt? We winden er geen doekjes omheen en noemen Elden Ring eigenlijk gewoon Dark Souls 4. Alleen dan een stuk bombastischer en magischer. Bekijk hier onze volledige review! #EldenRing #FromSoftware #Review We zijn (bijna) altijd LIVE op Twitch: 🤍 Maar voornamelijk elke doordeweekse dag om half drie uur ’s middags! Abonneer: 🤍 Like Power Unlimited op Facebook: 🤍 Volg ons op Twitter: 🤍 Volg ons op Instagram: 🤍 Join onze Discord: 🤍 Lees meer: 🤍 Check ook de PowerPraat Podcast via deze link: 🤍 Creative Director: Martin Verschoor Partner Manager Gaming: Dirk-Jan Hartog Redactie: Alie Sierkstra, Cody van den Bogert, Dwayne Vrancken, Florian Houtkamp, Floris de Bijl, Jacco Peek, Jurjen Tiersma, Laura Kempenaar, Lucas May, Marvin Toepoel, Niels Arts, Peter Koelewijn, Ron Vostermans, Tjeerd Lindeboom, Samuel Hubner Casado, Sven Scholte Hoofdredacteur PU Magazine: Wouter Brugge Video Producer: Enno de Graaf Account Manager: Michiel Kramer Freelance Editor: Luuk Hijne Video Stagiaires: Evander Hobbs en Mannes Huizinga Redactie Stagiaires: Rogina Hassan en Tijn Kranen Contact: Redactie🤍PU.nl Welkom op het Youtube kanaal van Power Unlimited. Wij zijn een stel volwassen kids die hun passie voor gamen met jou willen delen via onze content. We laten je de gaming wereld zien door middel van onze gekkigheid en humor zoals je die nog nooit hebt gekend! Wil je nooit meer één van onze geweldige video's missen, abonneer je dan snel het is helemaal gratis! En als je nog meer Power Unlimited wilt zien en bijvoorbeeld live met ons zou willen kletsen kom dan een keer langs in één van onze streams (🤍 We zijn namelijk elke doordeweekse dag om half drie uur 's middags live op Twitch.

The Worst Area in Every Souls Game (Including Elden Ring)


Today, we're talking about the worst areas from each of the souls games by FromSoftware. This includes Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring. I wanted to list which areas I disliked in each game and why I didn't those areas because they all have unique atmospheres and bosses that set them apart from each other. The Best Area in Every Souls Game: 🤍 Timestamps 0:00 - Intro 0:19 - Demon's Souls 1:35 - Dark Souls 2:50 - Dark Souls 2 4:22 - Bloodborne 5:45 - Dark Souls 3 6:49 - Sekiro 7:49 - Elden Ring Follow Me! Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Don't forget to like and subscribe! #eldenring #eldenringgameplay #darksouls #sekiro #bloodborne #demonssouls #darksouls2 #darksouls3 #fromsoftware #soulslike #soulsborne #soulsgame #soulsgaming

Watch This If Elden Ring Is Your First Souls Game


Never played a souls game before and plan on playing Elden Ring? Watch this. Elden Ring is bringing lots of new players to the genre. Many will go in having a somewhat warped mindset due to the image Dark Souls has, being the "hardest game ever". While the souls games can be difficult, they are not unbeatable. There is actually a lot more freedom in these games than most people think. Here are my personal opinions and advice for new players. Connect With Me: Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Background Music - 🤍 #Eldenring #Darksouls #fromsoft #gaming

Elden Ring - Before You Buy


ELDEN RING (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is the latest From Software game with new challenges and a vast open world. How is it? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: 🤍 ▼▼ Buy Elden Ring: 🤍 Watch more 'Before You Buy': 🤍 #EldenRing

Connections Between Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro


Ah! The connections aren't over yet, lets look the Dark Souls series within Bloodborne, and Sekiro. Thank you to all of the Reddit threads and Youtubers that highlighted some of these connections it is much appreciated! [🤍 - Boss Fights! [🤍 - 100% Guides [🤍 - Lance McDonald Music: [🤍 - Greenpath [🤍 - Firekeepers [🤍 - Majula [🤍 - Dirtmouth The final song isn't on YouTube but its called "Words Riding on the Wind" 00:00 - Foreshadowing Bloodborne 00:42 - Foreshadowing Sekiro 01:01 - The Bald Menace 01:11 - Sekiro's Patches 01:44 - Bloodborne to Dark Souls 02:06 Bloodborne to Demon's Souls 02:26 - The Gross Brain Chain Enemy 02:40 - ah man not the brain suckers 02:59 - Dancer and One Reborn 03:17 - Logarius 03:36 - Bloodborne Mechanic in Ds3 03:59 - Slugs?!? 04:18 - Represents Each Game 05:06 - You know what Sword 05:29 - The freaking pillars 05:55 - Final Boss Arenas and a tad bit of Elden Ring A tutorial on the effect at the beginning of my videos [🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 These take you to social medias I don't have, I just like the look of a full description.

Elden Ring la BUILD más SANGRUIENTA y MORTAL Hemorragia ARCANO #darksouls #eldenring #fromsoftware


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